Sunday, December 14, 2014

a girl brunch and elf painting

Layla's new friend Aislin and her mom invited us to a girls day out!

We had brunch at a fun breakfast restaurant downtown and the girls had a gift exchange.  I was happy to meet a few more moms and talk about the school and our neighborhoods.

After brunch we went to a fun painting studio and the girls got a step by step tutorial on how to paint an elf.  It was so fun and right up Layla's alley.  She's a lover of arts and crafts, so painting was a perfect artsy activity for her.

She had to dry the paint so she could add to the elf!  I loved this place so much and I want to go paint something someday soon!

The finished product.  She looks so proud!!!  She did an amazing job.

I love seeing all the painters in the studio and how their elves turned out.  Each and every elf was different and showed the kiddos personalities.  Oh what fun!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

cozy lights, Lily, itchy legs and festive drinks

I love this time of year.  

I love how cozy the house feels all lit up. 

 Lily seems to like Christmas time too. I love that my sweet little pup decided to smile at me for a picture in front of the tree.  She is wrecking my tree without even knowing it.  Our windows are basically from floor to ceiling and she is always looking out the window snooping on people.  Deer have been known to wander the streets and yards of our neighborhood and Lily loves to watch them all at the expense of our blinds and the Christmas tree.  There are pine needles ever.y.where. 

 And as I type this now I think I understand why Hayden's eczema is out of control....pine needles.

After a quick trip to the doc he seems to be better.  His allergies are ok, but his rash is awful. The worst it has ever been.  There is no doubt he is adjusting to this Georgia climate.

Along with the twinkling lights in my home I love the drinks of the season.

I am near a Starbucks again, so I have enjoyed drinking fru-fru coffee again.  Two years without Starbucks was a long time.  I didn't treat myself that often, but knowing I couldn't have it made me want it even more.

I drank the Chestnut Praline Latte and it was good.  It wasn't sweet at all and that to me was refreshing.  I can't do super sweet drinks in my old age. ;)

Champagne is an exception to the sweet drink rule. hahaha!   I tried an Apple Cider mimosa last night and it was so good.  Just pour some champs into a glass and add a splash or two of cider.  I loved it and drinking from a champagne glass is always fun!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

we are Santa's elves

These two little munchkins are the sweetest.

Look mom, can we get a pair for you and dad too??

Ummm...NO! heeeheeehee!

The kids were in matching pj's and I just couldn't help taking a million pictures of them.  
They were being so funny!!!

Elves play basketball too right?!

Hayden's ear all mashed into his hat, half sticking out makes him look like the perfect little elf!

Friday, December 5, 2014

learning, adjusting and learning some more!

School here in Georgia is very different than in Ohio.

We are all adjusting to not only an earlier school day, but different curriculum.

Hayden has a lot more homework than he did in Ohio.  He HAS to bring his reading book home every single day, but he forgets.  He has spelling tests and vocabulary tests and didn't bring home his spelling list, so that is fun.  Ugh!  It is all stuff he can totally handle, but it is very different and harder for now.  I think now that he understands what is expected of him he is better, but at first it was a challenge and we were all frustrated.

Layla seems to be adjusting just fine, but math is much more intense here.  She has some catching up to do.  For instance, she hasn't even started learning long division, and here in Georgia they are done with it.  She will be just fine, and we'll catch her up, but it's crazy how different states can be when it comes to learning.  

This picture of her is perfect.  She has a mouth full of chocolate.  In a groggy sleepy morning voice, talking with food in her mouth, she is telling me about how disappointed she is in the Advent calendar this year.  Apparently they didn't mix up the chocolate shapes.  There is basically a boot, a house and one other shape for each day.  Well, now I know.  Next year I will have to step it up and get a better calendar. :-)  

Monday, December 1, 2014

deck the halls

Sunday we took off on a Christmas tree adventure ... looking for the perfect tree.


  There she is.
  The kiddos were so happy to see her in all her naked glory nestled in the bay window of our living room.

Dad strung the lights and the kids added all the red and gold balls they could find.

It's so fun to decorate a new house.  Well. not new, but new to us!

We are all ready for the Christmas season.  

Layla's tree

and Hayden's tree.

Ho Ho Ho!!