Thursday, March 31, 2011

random things my kids say

While I was doing lunges in the back yard Layla said, "Mommy what are you doing?"  I said, "Do you see these thighs?"  She replied, "Yes, they are chubby!"


Gary and I went together into Hayden's church preschool to pick him up.  He ran up to Gary with fists flying and said, "Dadda, you want some o dis?"


One evening while reflecting on the days events Layla said, "I accidentally lost my mind, and that is why I accidentally hit you with my fishing pole."


One evening while reading books Hayden grabbed my face in his little hands and said, "Momma you face is shaped like a triangle."


One day at the table while eating lunch Layla said, "To me life would be hard to live without cheesy chips."


While I was explaining what we were doing over the upcoming weekend I mentioned we'd go to church.  Hayden said, "I hit my friends at church."


Our neighbors put a For Sale sign in their front yard and Layla asked what it meant and why it was there.  After a thorough explanation she said, "I think I will buy their house so I can live near you forever."


I was tucking Hayden into bed and he said, "Mommy, You adopted."


Layla was sitting at the bar doing her homework and Gary and I were talking.  Layla heard something we said and she just busted out with, "word!"


One day when I was joking around with Gary saying I was gonna punch him, Hayden said, "No you don't hit my daddy, he is my best boy."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday

As some of you know, I started Weight Watchers two weeks ago today.  I lost 2 pounds the first week, and 1 pound this past week.  I know with WW it is slow weight loss, but typically it stays off.  I am thrilled with my weight loss because I never thought I'd get to this weight.  I always thought I'd be the weight I was...because that was just 'what I weighed.'  Man oh man was I wrong!  I am so happy to be at a below 'baby weight' weight.  Heck, I am smaller now than before I had kids!! When I go shopping I still grab larger sizes and get them to the dressing room and think, "Duuuh."  I'm not used to being smaller and it has been over a year.

I'm not posting this to brag.  You guys know me...I'm not a bragger AT ALL.  I want to encourage people that think it is too hard, or they can't do it.  I did it, and am still doing it!!!!  I splurge, drink my red wine, eat Mexican food and still maintain/lose weight.  I hope to lose 8 more pounds.  If I get to that weight I will be so super duper happy. 

I'm excited to say that a handful of twitter friends are also doing WW.  This helps me too because we can swap recipes!  I got 2 recipes last night via twitter...whoop whoop!

Last night Gary made tostadas for us.  He is counting points also, so this helps me a ton.  The kids ate the same thing we did, but they wanted it wrapped in a tortilla.

  The picture isn't that great, I took it with my iPhone.

Here is what Gary and I ate:

7 points total

 3 Old El Paso tostada shells = 4 ww points

1/2 cup of Bush's fat free refried beans (divided 3 ways) = 2 ww points

1/4 cup of low fat shredded cheddar cheese = 1 ww point

shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onion and
Kroger brand Taco sauce = 0 points

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my babies as babies

I have been doing a little organizing and spring cleaning!  I want to make sure all my pictures are safe and all together.  I have been putting them online in a private Picasa album.

Look at the pictures I found of my munchkins!!

My little Layla!
I can't believe time has flown by so fast.
 It seems like just yesterday she was an itty bitty baby!

Mr. Hayden.  He is a ham I tell ya!  These pictures make me smile and giggle. 

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu planning Monday

I am thinking of posting our weekly menu every week on Monday.  I don't know if I will stick to it, but I make the menu every week, so why not post it?  I guess we will see how it goes.  If it gives one person inspiration for the week I helped someone right?!  Depending on our week I try to try one new recipe a week.  This week I am trying a new chicken dish. I hope it is good.  I get so tired of chicken, so any new recipes for chicken are always necessary here!

Here is this weeks menu:

Monday ~ Lemon Shrimp, whole wheat pasta & grilled asparagus.

Tuesday ~ Tostadas {flat taco shell, slow cooker refried beans,  low fat shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and salsa}

Wednesday ~ Cheddar chicken, pinto beans, carrots and salad  **new recipe found here

Thursday ~ Tuna Roll ups & sunchips

Friday ~ Beef tenderloin on the grill, suddenly salad, baked beans

So there is gets in the way sometimes, but usually we stick to our meal plan!

Please share any recipes you may have. Since I love to cook and try new things I will try them and link back to you when I do :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

My first Vlog

For those of you (my in-real-life-friends/family) who aren't familiar with the term vlog...this is what the dictionary says...

Vlog: a blog that contains video material

A group of girls that I know and love from twitter decided we should all do a Vlog. 

Oh My Goodness.  Soooo,

Today I am speaking to you guys for the first time.  You can see just how silly and ridiculous I am.  I'm from Texas and have that small town Texas voice.  I do laugh at myself daily, so feel free to laugh along with me.  Ugghhh!  Here goes.

Yes, I do say 'Um' & 'And' WAY too much! I flinched the entire time I watched this. Eiiikk!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

lots of laughs

We bought the Just Dance II Wii game back in January and Layla wasn't interested at all, UNTIL she played with a friend and her family.  Now Layla loves it.  I was so happy!  I find it too funny that if it is my idea she doesn't want any part of it, but since her friend liked it she was all in.  Anyway, she came home from that play date and has been playing it every day since.  She is getting really good at it, and it is quite comical to watch.  Hayden isn't old enough to play yet, but he {thinks} plays. 

Here are a few pictures of our fun.

Layla's favorite song is Viva Las Vegas....she is really good at it!

I get an ab workout every time we play...the kids are just so funny I laugh non stop!

Bogey doesn't jump on Layla and Hayden when they dance, but he wouldn't stop bothering me.  Gary picked out a techno song for me to dance to, and I thought I was going to die!  It was so hard.  Who needs the 30 day Shred? That one dance had me gasping for air!!!

Techno dancing momma!

Layla picked out a song for Gary to dance to....he did great!

Layla and I were giggling so hard and when he got really low Layla was squealing and screaming..."Look how low he can go!"  There is never a dull moment in our house, and we love it that way!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swimming lessons for the boy

Hayden had his first swimming lesson this morning.

He seemed really excited about it until I walked out of the room.

He was NOT a happy camper. He was sobbing and crying and screaming.

It broke my heart, but he really needs to know how to swim.  I think he did great all in all.  He was scared, but jumped into the water and went under a few times.


He was mad the whole time, but I think he will do well if he can get past the screaming.  It doesn't help that all three boys in his class were crying.  Once one boy stopped crying then another started.  Uggh!   It was a vicious cycle. It was so wild.  All us moms were huddled up in the viewing area flinching.  The viewing area is above the pool, and there are bars keeping us in which is why some of the pictures I took are blurry.  It is hard to fit the camera between the bars.

Little stinker got a serious talking to by mom and dad.  He ran from his teacher when it was his turn. She had to get out of the pool and chase him to catch him.  Hopefully he won't do that again.  We have 6 weeks of lessons and I hope by the end he is swimming like a fish!

Monday, March 21, 2011

swimming lessons, sleeping, a messy bracket & other mumbo jumbo

*Spring Break is officially over.  I am sad, but glad.  We had a wonderful time, but it seems like we did something every single day.  We are ready to get back into our regular routine.  I had to wake the kids up for school this morning.  Bless their hearts, day light savings time wasn't a big deal until this morning.  They slept in (8am) all week, but today it broke my heart seeing those sleepy faces.

*Hayden starts swimming lessons tomorrow.  I am nervous.  Layla HATED swimming lessons with a passion.  I hope Hayden does better.  The reasons I am nervous:  1. He doesn't like water in his face during his bath.  2. He is having some issues with me dropping him off places.  He is good at school drop-off, but his preschool class at church is horrible.  Every week he cries like crazy.  I hope his little swimsuit clad body will jump right in and swim like a fish.  We will be at the pool all summer long, and I want him to feel comfortable.  The swim school that I choose has a very strict policy...drop off and leave.  I will be in the viewing area, but I can't stay with him while he learns. It makes me nervous, but I know he needs these lessons!!

*I have been counting calories since I stopped doing Weight Watchers almost a year ago.  I haven't really been dieting, but it seems more like a lifestyle change for Gary and I. When I log what I eat I am more accountable.  We have each maintained our weight loss since last year give or take four pounds.  Anyway, I really need to lose a bit more weight.  Last Monday I started WW online again.  I lost 2 pounds.  I can't believe it!  I am so excited!!  I am loving that I can eat all the fruit and veggies I want.  An apple-0 points, celery-0 points.  Yay!  If I am starving I can just grab a handful of grapes and they don't count against my points allowed for the day.  I am glad spring is pretty much here, the produce in spring is always more tasty :)

*Layla usually gets out of her bed at night after we tuck her in.  She thinks of any excuse she can. it is beyond hysterical and frustrating.  Typical excuses:  gotta potty, need itch cream on an ant bit she got 3 weeks ago, her bed sheets are twisted, and the best one...she has a hanger toe. (that would be a toe nail sharp and protruding.)  She comes up with the craziest excuses.  We made a deal with her.  If she stays in bed for 7 nights in a row we will buy her the Etch a Sketch she has been wanting for months.  I hope she can do it.  She has one night down and 6 more to go!

*We are getting into the busy time of year.  It seems like our weekends are getting booked up so fast.  We love to camp, so any weekend that isn't free we want to do a ton of camping!  I love this season of life.  My kids are old enough to skip a nap or two without acting out too bad.  I can grab a pull-up for Hayden and stick it in my purse.  I don't have to carry bottles and wipes and a huge bag of stuff for a baby.  Each stage of life brings more excitement from the one before.  I loved the newborn stage, and toddler stage, but seeing my kids learn to spell and count, and Layla now reading.  There is always something to look forward to.  I'm loving every moment  I have with my kiddos and so thankful Gary works so hard so that I can stay home and be a stay at home mom to my family.  AND it helps when we do get busy on the weekends...I don't have to take days off work to go do things.

*My March madness basket ball bracket is a mess.  I hope somehow I recover. There is hope right?

(taken yesterday before church)

*Happy Spring...Hug your husband and kids today :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

single sentence Sunday

Hayden is gearing up to be a future 'World Strong Man' competitor.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Picnic in the park

This morning we picked Memaw up from her assisted living home and took her on a field trip to the park.  The weather was perfect.  83 degrees and a bit breezy.  We grabbed Chic-fil-A and had a picnic.  It was so fun!

The park we picked had a amazing play area. 
The kids went nuts running and exploring. I have to warn you this is picture overload!

They both slid down with their eyes closed. 

This play area made me was gigantic. 
Hayden did great though.  He isn't really scared of much, and if Layla can do it, he thinks he can too.

I loved this pretty bridge.

Layla was loving the spring weather!

I just want to tell her to stop growing!! Her legs are getting so long.

And this little man is almost as tall as his sister.

In this picture I could hear Hayden telling Memaw some crazy story.  She just laughs at him. 
Oh my goodness she loves her grandbabies!

Hayden found a stick and thought the hole in this tree had a squirrel in it.

Then he found a pile of fire ants.  Luckily he didn't get bit.

I loved all the trees!!!  My finger started to cramp from taking so many pictures.

Memaw had so much fun watching the kids play and laugh.  Bless her heart, she just wants to run and play with the kids, but she can't.

Gary is such a great son.  He takes wonderful care of his mom. 

We all had a fun field trip to the park!!