Thursday, March 3, 2011

my backpack and purse search

I am so excited to show you the Ju Ju Be bag I have been eyeballing for months.

 I treated myself after I won a $50.00 CSN giveaway hosted my Jenn @ The Getts Times! 

Thanks Jenn for hosting such a fun giveaway :)

  Isn't is just adorable?  And girlie?  I love it!  With both kids being in school now and ALL the field trips we attend, I wanted a fun girlie backpack.  This one is also purple, and I love purple!

I think it is the perfect size!  I looked at several sizes, but this one is the best for me.  My camera fits wonderfully inside the main compartment.  And I can even fit my wallet, phone and snacks inside with room to spare.  It also has a pocket for a diaper and wipes for Hayden.  Each side has a small pocket for water bottles.  Can you tell I am excited? 

I can't wait until next Friday...we are heading to the zoo for a kindergarten adventure.  I can't wait to carry my new Ju Ju Be backpack.  Thanks again for having such a great giveaway Jenn!


In other news I am having the hardest time picking out a purse.  I just hate making choices.  Honestly, I just want someone to pick out a purse, tell me to buy it and that is that.  I think I want a bright fun color, like pink, purple, teal or coral.  But I am afraid I will get tired of it.  But it it is a purse.  I am such a goof!  I'm acting like I am stuck with it forever or something.  Ha!
On a recent shopping adventure I went to Sam Moon and walked around and around.  I picked up a million purses and none of them jumped out at me.  I did notice this strange and creepy man looking at purses though. Yes, I said man, looking at purses. It was weird.  It made me really nervous.  I tried to get away from him, but he seemed to be in the same places in the store as me.  When I really started to get freaked out, I noticed a woman acting weird too.  She picked up every single purse I touched.  It's like she followed me around just to see what I was looking at.  Eeeewww!  I couldn't get out of that store fast I'm still looking for a purse. 

** And I want to say a big thank you to my twitter friends for all the input and purse ideas!!


Elaine said...

Cute backpack...stylish Mom alert! I got a sunshine yellow purse 2 summers ago and still love it. I've found it goes with so much more than I thought and I haven't even tired of the color yet! Happy purse hunting.

Molly said...

So in helping you search for the perfect handbag yesterday, while browsing online (for you ;)) at Francesca's, I found some ADORABLE cross body bags for myself. I kept tweeting Aly yesterday, I will not buy a bag, I will not buy a bag! HA!

Hopefully you can find a bag you love SOON! I know its frustrating. I always LOVE Jessica Simpson bags (I'm currently carrying one of her gorgeous cross bodies). Good luck girl!

Britni said...

That is such a cute backpack! I have been on the search for a cute backpack so I will have to check those out!!

Good luck on the purse search!!

Traci said...

Um yeh, sounds like some weirdos!!! I always find great purses at Charming Charlies. They have fantastic colors & they're not expensive so if you get tired of it, it's not a big deal!

Kelli W said...

That backpack is so cute! I love the colors! I have walked around the purse section at Kohl's like three times in the last month and I can not pick out a new one! I have a fun coral purse from a few years ago, but I did kind of get sick of the color:) Right now I am carrying a yellow one that is okay, but I think I'm almost tired of it too. Let me know what color you pick, I may copy you:)

Kelli said...

I love the backpack. It is the best thing for traveling with kids. I got the idea from my friend and haven't turned back. I need a cute one too...hmmm. I'm no help with the purse. I like some Vera Bradley and purses by thirty one.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Go to TJ Maxx girl! You can get a nice purse for cheap and then you won't feel bad if you get bored with it quickly.

Brigetta Schwaiger said...

It is adorable. I love your posts on Twitter by the way.

Anonymous said...

Cute backpack! I want a new purse.. I've had the same one for five years!
Weird about the guy! I would have been the same way.