Wednesday, August 31, 2011

meet the teachers

My sweet boy got to meet his new preschool teachers this morning.  

I am so excited for him.  I think he is ready to start school in a week!

I HAD to include this picture of him before we left.  He was eating scrambled eggs.  His little face makes me laugh.  It looks like those were some good eggs!

I love this picture of him with his new teachers...he looks so proud!  He is in the younger 3's class this year with 9 other kids, some of them were in his class last year.   Their classroom is gigantic and it is filled with books, puzzles and tons of learning toys.  Hayden is really into puzzles lately!

He seemed a bit nervous at first and even acted a kinda shy.  He was just walking around with his hands in his pockets checking things out.  I just laughed inside to myself.  He is so silly.  Finally, as we were about to leave he got super excited and started talking up a storm.  I hope he has a super fun year!  I can't wait to watch him grow and learn this year!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a fresh new look

I am so excited about my new blog look!  What do you think?

 I looooove it!

Thank you so much Jenn.

If you need a fresh new look I highly recommend Munchkin Land Designs!

I have worked with Jenn many times and she is amazing!  She is really good at her job and the proof is right here!  I am so tickled! Can you tell??

Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend fishing trip

The kids and I had a much needed low key weekend.  I told you about Layla's first soccer game on Saturday.  After her game the rest of the weekend we pretty much vegged out.  The first week of school is typically rough for us.  It wasn't that bad, but adjusting to the new morning wake up time was tough for all of us.  Hayden woke up super early all week also, so he needed some fun relaxing time too.

Gary on the other hand enjoyed a guy getaway!

He went deep sea fishing in Port Aransas on Saturday.

He was very very sad to miss Layla's first soccer game, he really needed some guy time.

He was so kind to take tons of pictures because the kids were constantly asking what he was doing and if he was catching any fish.  Thank goodness for modern technology!  It was so fun for us to see so many fun pictures!

Gary was proud of this shark.  He caught the largest shark of all the fishermen.  
This shark is now in our freezer along with about 40 lbs of shark & king fish.  I have my job cut out for me looking for meal ideas for all this fish!

On the ride home from Port A the guys stopped for fuel and laughed so hard at the name of this store.

Gary sent me a text and it said, "Only in Texas! "
sad, but true. :)

I am so glad he got to go on this fun trip, but I am also glad to have him home! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soccer on Saturday

Today was Layla's first ever soccer game.  She was so excited about it!  I was excited for her until we stepped out into the 107 degree temps. was so hot.  I thought we'd all be passed out within 5 minutes. I'm not even gonna lie...I got dizzy several times.

Layla and Maya before the game!

Heading onto the field.  They have their game faces on!

Practice kick!

It was an interesting experience for us for sure.  Our girls have had two practices.  They did great, but the other team was VERY aggressive.  Layla isn't aggressive at all, so when one of the girls bumped into her and didn't say 'sorry' Layla was like "Huh?"  This is the first experience Layla has had with playing a team sport.  She will do great once she gets the hang of her "game face."  Bless her heart, she always wants to be nice to everyone. Not that you have to be mean to play soccer, sheesh...I wish I could make sense right now, but the sun has zapped me.

Layla is #7!

This picture of the girls shows just how hot and tired they were.

Our team "Flower Power" will do amazing this season.  We have a few kinks to work out, but I know we will get much better.  I don't remember the score, but the other team beat us pretty bad. :(  Luckily our girls kept their chins up and were still in good spirits.  

Layla did great!  We are very proud of her. 
She has her first game behind her and I think she will have more fun next game!  
She did say it was fun and she loved it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

rocks, holes and a rainbow

This morning I was outside with my boys.  Hayden misses playing outside, so we usually play in the early mornings before it gets blazing hot.  This morning we were blessed with cloudy overcast skies, and many towns around us got rain.  We weren't so lucky.  If you look closely at the picture above you can see the rainbow above our neighbors house.  It was so pretty and Hayden loved seeing it!

I know I have said it before, but our yard is so dry and burned.  We are about to have city wide enforced water restrictions too.  I'm good with it, but I just worry about all the wildlife. It makes me sad because I know they are so thirsty.

I have been working with Hayden this week on wearing big boy underwear.  He hasn't been wearing them because he can't get them down fast enough when he has to potty, but the transition has gone great!  I just didn't want him to go to preschool without underwear. You know?!? Thankfully he is loving wearing them and loves picking them out.  He has Toy Story, Cars, and Monster underwear.  I thought he'd have more 'pulling down pants' accidents but so far so good!

Can you tell from the pictures I took this morning his clothes don't match AT ALL?  He picks them out all by himself and puts them on, so I can't complain. In fact he won't let me help him.  He is Mr. Independent.  One day he will look back and ask me why I dressed him this way.  haha!

Hayden is still really into push toys.  He loves to push Layla's lawn mower and his TowMater bubble maker.  Unfortunately, he can't push them for long.  Bogey pesters him.  He bites the tires of anything we are pushing.  As he is biting the tires he makes this horrible yipping sound.  It drives us all NUTS.   He bites Gary's lawn mower when he mows and bites the vacuum cleaner.  I'm pretty sure he gets yelled at more than any dog on the planet.

My house is like a 3 ring circus.  I'm not even joking.

Everywhere Hayden is, Bogey is right behind him. 

He is the 

In the above picture Hayden is telling on Bogey.  Not only is our back yard dry ... Bogey digs holes. 
This is the deepest hole yet, and it is filled with small rocks.  

Doesn't he look proud of his accomplishment??

This is a big giant hole of dry soil and hard rocks.

I just know he is thinking, Oh don't mind me y'all...I'm just gonna lay here and chew on this here rock...

See his lip all puffed out?  Yep, there is a rock in his mouth.

How much flavor does a rock really have?

And he just barked with the rock in his mouth.

The rock fell out....see it?

Seriously!  I am so thankful my family is entertaining.  

One thing is for certain, I laugh a lot and I am generally never bored.

The rainbow changed as I sat and watched the circus act going on around me.  
It is much brighter in this last is a great reminder that God is taking care of us.  He is in control!  I  know he will send a nice soaking rain soon to soak our drought ridden land.  

Come on fall weather!