Saturday, December 31, 2016

happy new year

We had an early dinner with friends and came home to our puppies and pj's for NYE.

We tried and tried to capture fun pictures and we had so much fun being silly.  
the fish even made this pic!

I'm so thankful for this man of mine. He's my best friend and I'm so happy to do this life with him.

My guys are ready for 2017!!  Hayden is still red, but he's all lotioned up for the night.

Hap. Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

We stuck with tradition and ate crab legs for Christmas Eve.  The weather was amazing, so we ate out on the back porch.  My parents came to join us for our lunch-dinner and I am a total slacker and didn't take many pictures.  I know...WHAT??

We have been wearing out the selfie stick.  I'm getting them trained to use it just right.  hahaha.  I love when they offer because I'm not as good with the stick as they are. 

Hayden and Lily crack me up in this picture.  Goodness, you'd think this was torture.  And Daisy looking at Lily like....girl, you a mess. 

Hey, we have new pj's act happy!

Remember the year Lily showed her butt during our pj picture and this year she snuck me the tongue.  
Good grief.  Never dull folks, never dull.

After we all opened our gift of pj's and got a decent family picture and we went to the front yard to spread the reindeer food.  I had to take a picture looking inside the house at the tree.  I love those huge windows in the front of the house.

We loaded up and went driving, looking at the lights all over Woodway.

Once we got back home the kiddos were tired and tucked into bed and Santa delivered all the packages.  

We are blessed!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Itchy and Red and Miserable

I try to keep things pretty positive around here, but our house has been turned upside down lately. Hayden's eczema is out of control.  As you know he has suffered with manageable eczema his whole life.  We hoped he would outgrow it like he outgrew most of his sinus issues and his asthma symptoms.  

Since we moved to Texas it seems like his eczema has gotten worse and worse. Yes, I know this is the allergy capital of the universe.  We visited the allergy doctor when we moved here so we could stay on his regular dose of Singulair and Zyrtec.  We know he's allergic to grass and mold and every tree known to man.  It's no secret we live in an older home, so that doesn't help.  Now the doctor tested him for foods and he's allergic to wheat and corn and peanuts and tomatoes and pork.  What in the world, did he eat pizza before his test?  It's almost like he's allergic to everything he was eating the day before testing.  Anyway, all that to say, we will conquer this.  We will help him get better, but goodness I'm so tired of seeing him hurting and itchy and red and dry. He is miserable.  He feels like he's the itchy kid at school.  He gets so ready and his skin flakes and peels.  I'm at my wits and when I say we have tried everything.....WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING.  We just left the doctor this morning with a plan. Let's hope we see results soon!

We are doing food elimination.  We are keeping him away from the dogs because suddenly he has a dog allergy he didn't have several years ago.  I'm washing and vacuuming his stuff every single day.  We have plans to purchase a new house in 2017. All that to say ... I'm turning it over to God.  I'm to the point where I have the same anxiety I had every night when the kids were newborn babies.  I remember every single night feeling so nervous wondering if they'd sleep or not.  I'd get sick to my stomach with worry about sleeping babies.  Now after Gary and I tuck the kids into bed I worry about HC's skin.  Am I doing everything I can do?  I research every single night.  Is he allergic to his lotion?  Is he allergic to cotton?  Geezzzzz.

We all need to eat healthier and we are now that we have had to make some changes in Hayden's diet.  No more processed foods, no more corn chips.  It isn't forever, but if it helps him we're doing it. 2017 will be the year we help get Hayden's skin under control.  I  know we will see him feeling better soon, but right now nothing is working and I am one stressed momma.  Any extra prayers you can send his way are very appreciated.  Boooo eczema.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ho Ho Ho!!

Today was the last day of school and Christmas break is in full swing!  The weather was wonderful outside and so these two silly heads were outside being goofy.  Guess who had her camera handy to snap a few pics?  Their mother of course!!!!

Who needs to mail out Christmas cards when your momma takes pics and posts them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?

My guy needs a haircut and so that is on the list for tomorrow, but goodness I love these two!

Layla is so flexible...Am I right?

 We can't believe our first Christmas living back in Texas is finally here!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

We got baths today!!!

Lily and Daisy went to the groomer this afternoon and they got fresh baths, a haircut for Daisy and new collars.  They are feeling all fiesty and clean and ready for Christmas.  

We recently found out that Hayden is allergic to dogs. He isn't so much allergic to Daisy, her breed is hypoallergenic, but Lily sheds enough in a day to create a small mouse.  We know she is the allergen in our family, but we love her anyway.  She's our big black bear and we will clean like mad people to help ease his ezcema! 

Merry Merry from our Christmas puppies!

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hayden Cole rode a motorcycle for the first time ever today!

He did amazing and I'm so happy for him.  I wasn't sure if he'd ride or be overwhelmed.  He loves it and is now asking Santa for a dirt bike. Oh my momma nerves will be shot for sure.

His friend was so patient to watch him learn.  Gary is a great teacher and he was so supportive.  I was unbelievable calm.  I don't know how that happened.  Luckily I didn't see when he had a minor crash.  I may have called the whole thing off. haha!

Gary put on some gear and rode a bit too. I had major flashbacks to years ago when he rode every single weekend.  I see more days at the track for these boys in our future. 

Layla and Lexi had fun hanging out. They ran around, explored the little pond and made videos. Lexi actually rode some too, but Layla was nervous and decided she didn't want to ride at all.  I'm thinking she may change her mind someday.

They ended up building a homemade see-saw.  Oh how I love these silly little ladies.

It was a fun day with wonderful weather for December.  The cold front is coming in will be freezing cold by morning!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

our weekend in fredricksburg

Gary planned a weekend getaway for us and surprised me with it!  

I am not that great at receiving surprises, so he ended up telling me where we were going before we left so I could pack correctly.  I'm super grateful for all he did in planning a fun weekend for us and our buddies.

We stayed at a Bed n Breakfast in Fredricksburg, very very close to Luckenbach. It's called the Full Moon Inn.  It was very quint and perfect.

It was cold and rainy all weekend so we didn't get to enjoy the outdoors, but we still made the best of our kid free weekend.  Every once in awhile it is important to just get away from it all!

Breakfast was served promptly each morning at 9:00am.

Saturday morning we had breakfast with several other couples and one family with children.

We had eggs Luckenbach, pumpkin pancakes and yummy bacon.  We had coffee in our room before breakfast and we also had coffee with breakfast.  I know it sounds odd to comment on the coffee, but it was fabulous.  I should have asked what kind of coffee they served, but I didn't.  It wasn't just your basic Folgers though.

Gary and I chose the Smoke House Cottage.  Our buddies stayed in the Peach room.  Both rooms were very cute and cozy, but the Peach room is more modern and updated.  Gary and I loved the old fashioned and rustic look of our choice. 

After our breakfast we headed to a winery to sample some great wine.  I don't think I've ever tasted port.  I'm not sure how that hasn't been in my life until now.  It was such a wonderful treat and Gary and I ended up buying several bottles of wine and joining the  GrapeCreek wine club. 

The scenery was fabulous and I'm so excited to go back in the spring so I can enjoy a glass of wine on their many patios!!

We left the winery and headed to a brewery to watch some football.

We were freezing cold and had frizzy hair, but that didn't stop us from sampling a few beers at  the Fredrickburg Brewery.  I love trying different beers!

After a delicious German lunch we headed to Luckenbach before heading back to our rooms before dinner.  I was disappointed with Luckenbach, but I won't discount it all together. We must go back in better weather!  I'm sure I'll love it more then.  I thought I had memories of Luckenbach from childhood and seeing it again at age just wasn't the same.

See the cat on the counter??  It was bizarre and the flies y'all.  There were flies buzzing around everywhere.  I couldn't believe it.  Maybe they were drawn to the wood burning fireplace.  Who knows?!?

Look at that cool little Christmas tree to the right of us. I thought it was perfect!

After our tour of Luckenbach we headed back to the Full Moon Inn.  We watched more football and got ready for dinner.  

The common area was so fun and inviting.  

So cozy and warm!


Gary and Jarred chose Cross Roads for dinner and dancing after.

We had happy hour in the bar area while we waited on our table.  Ok, so yes I'm going there....

This table looks like a butt.  What in the world?  LOLOLOLOL! I'm such a child.

I was craving chicken fried steak and this one was amazing.

Gary ordered quail, Jarred ordered a steak and Shelby ordered the flounder special.  All the food was wonderful!  I was hoping to dance off the steak I ordered, but the band wasn't what we expected.  We had hopes of doing some country dancing, but the band wasn't that.  I can't even explain what kind of music they played but it was modern with a side of jazz and the crowd was loving it WAY more than us 40 something old people.  It wasn't what we visualized in Fredricksburg.

All in all we had a great time.  We relaxed and enjoyed our time away!  I'm very thankful for my wonderful husband for planning every last detail of a wonderful weekend away. If you are looking for a Bed n Breakfast in the Texas Hill Country you must visit the Full Moon Inn.  
Now I want to own my own bed and breakfast even more that I did before.