Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boxes make the best toys!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

about the move and the dogs

Moving is not a fun chore.  Moving while having a cold that your child passed to you and your husband is brutal.  Yuck.  I'm on the mend, but I was miserable!

Lily threw up in the middle of the night last night.  It was all watery foam. AND A ROCK.  Since moving a few days ago Lily eats everything in sight. Sticks, rocks, twigs.  You name it and she munches on it.  Sorry about talking about dog vomit, but I couldn't believe it.  She's a wild pooch.

We have been moving and organizing and un-packing for 4 days.  4 days and I still don't think I've put a dent in our stuff.  GAhhh!  Moving is not fun and when you are overwhelmed with 'stuff' you just wanna toss everything in sight.  Including your cheerleader pom poms from high school and all the pictures your parents passed down to you.  Unpacking even makes you want to throw away all the toys in the world.  Although I must say our kids don't have as many toys as we do "keepsakes."  But, what is it with me and blankets and comforters?  I moved to Ohio and felt like I would need lots of blankets.  I mean seriously....there are heaters here.  Yes, it is cold, but the heater works.  I'm saying goodbye to many many things over the next month or so.

Gary and I installed a PetSafe in-ground fence at our new house.  It rocks.  It took us several hours and about 12 bottles of beer, but together we did it.  He dug the small trench and I buried the wire.  I was on my hands and knees sticking that wire in the grass which explains about half of those beers.  I am sore, but it is soooo worth it.  Lily is loving the freedom.  Daisy doesn't like the collar at all.  She got a little close to the border one time and she didn't like the feeling of the collar, so she will barely get off the porch now.  I know she will be fine with time, but I wish she loved it as much as Lily.  We thought about getting the wireless system, but we are happy with the choice we made.  I'm hoping to devote an entire post to our PetSafe install!

This blog post is courtesy of At&t.  We haven't had access to internet since we moved until today.  I am so happy to be connected again.  I am sitting on my back porch watching the kids play.  I am so happy!  I'd be happier if I was all unpacked and this sinus mess was gone, but hey...that will all work itself out!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Last day of school & moving day!

I officially have a 3rd grader and

A kindergartner!

We are starting the weekend off by having movers help us with the heavy things in our house. The kids are excited about sleeping in our new house in their new rooms!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

random wednesday rambles

I love corn tortillas   I forget about them, but when I ordered fajitas the other day at our local Mexican food restaurant I requested corn torts.  They were so good I bought some on my last grocery trip.  I realized I can eat two for what you can eat one flour tortilla.  I ate corn tortillas tonight instead of tostada shells.  The taste of a corn tortilla is good.  It's so Mexican.

I got my hair cut and colored today, and it happened right in time for the kids to be out of school for summer.  I got lots of blonde and I couldn't be happier.  I haven't been crazy about my hair lately and not adding low lights made all the difference for me.  Sometimes I just need a change and I'm happy to be happy.

Hayden is so funny.  When he plays heads or tails with a penny he says "heads or ladders."  Look at a penny and you'll know why.  It makes me giggle every time he says it out loud!  It only happens with a penny.  Also, the other day at Walmart we were in the checkout line and he say a grey haired man with longer-ish hair and he said, "look mommy, there is the man on the quarter."  He wasn't discreet.  I wanted the world to open a big black hole and swallow me up.  haha!

He looks the same huh?!?

We are moving and I couldn't be happier.  I despise moving, but tonight while I was trying to re-establish our internet connection (the modem needed to be reset) I walked down into the basement and the air conditioner was leaking onto some of our boxes.  It was just a few things we were storing...our Christmas tree, some pictures and a few books.  Any way... those things don't matter, but what does matter is that my heart is singing a happy song because we will be out of this house by the end of the month.  While I am terribly sad to leave this street and all my friends, I am so happy to be leaving this barn house.  I am thankful for my stay here because I made so many friends, but I am still in the same super small town and we'll still be buddies.  It's not like moving from TX to OH.

So yep, we are moving.  This weekend.  We are moving to a farm-ish style house about 6 miles away from here.  Our new house is smaller than this house which I'm loving.  I don't want to clean a large house and I feel like this house has wasted space.  Our new house is surrounded by land, but it is also right next door to the school.  It's really weird   We'll feel like we are out in the country, but connected to town too.  The kids and dogs will have so much space in which to RUNNNNN!!!  Our new house is right next door to the school.  Did I mention that?  This year I didn't drive Layla to school one time.  Even in the snow or rain we were close enough to walk.  The new house is that close too.  I'm so excited!  I should sell my car, but I love my Jeep, so that won't happen. heehee!

Two more days of school!  Yay!
Can you tell they are ready for summer?

Monday, May 20, 2013

bike riding overload

These hot faces are loving the spring heat! 

My munchkins have been loving riding their bikes.  Saturday they went on a two mile bike ride and this is what they looked like when we got home.  We had fun and they loved every second. They slept great Saturday night!

Layla and Hayden fight as much as they get along.  It is exhausting at times.  
I'm happy to have caught this picture of them giggling instead of arguing.

Today is a big day for Layla.  She is training wheel free!  She is officially a bike rider and she is loving it!  She feels so free.  I'm happy for her.  I think that is a great start to the summer!

Hayden loves his strider and he wants to ride his bike without training wheels too, but he just isn't quite ready yet.  It burns him up with frustration.  He wants to be able to keep up with his big sister.  Earlier today he was riding and fell and busted his knees.  He was so sad.   He proclaimed he wouldn't ride his strider ever again.  After school he forgot all about his bonked knees and was back in action!

4 more school days!  Summer is almost here.  Whoo hoo!
We are also moving this week and next week.  It will be a stressful yet exciting few weeks!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday night style show

Last night I attended a charity event here in my new town.
It was a fun night with sweet friends!  Thank you Stacey for including me at your table.  We had great seats!

I am so thankful for all my friends and their positive influence in my life!

It brought tears to my eyes to see all the ladies modeling the local boutiques latest fashions.  

Why the tears?  
They were all breast cancer survivors.   

It really puts life into perspective when you see women who look just like you and me, but have a story about cancer and it's effects on their lives.

At the end of the fashion show we all headed to the photo booth.  After a wonderful dinner and a fun style show, it was a fun way to end the night.  The photo booth had these hilarious props for us to dress up in.  We laughed until our abs hurt!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

strawberry days

The kids both had field trips to the local strawberry farm this week.

Good thing we like strawberries....we have tons of them since we got to pick fresh berries during the field trips.

Layla and her classmates learned how strawberries are planted.  They learned about keeping the berries alive in the winter months.  The trip was very educational and I enjoyed learning as much as the kids did!

Hayden's trip, the very next day, was very similar to Layla's.  The preschool classes didn't get quite as much detail as the 2nd graders, but they still learned a lot about berries!  We also got to see the farm's honey bees.  The bees are a huge part of having a wholesome crop.  

The farm also grows peaches, corn, broccoli, cauliflower and peas.  It was a fun few days for both kids!  Layla went first, so she made sure she told Hayden about certain things to look for on the hayride.  It was fun to hear the kids bond over their field trips!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting 'fixed'

Lily is at the veterinary office today getting spayed.  I know it is a very routine procedure, but I always worry anyway.  She will be just fine, but I'm a momma and I worry about my kids and pets all the time.

She is such a puppy ... full of energy!  How will I ever keep her mellow and calm to let herself heal this next week or two?  It will be a fun task!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I woke up this morning to a Mother's Day facial.   Layla put Lily in our bed to wake me up.  Then the kids gave me art work they made for me.  It was a fun way to wake up.  

We were all craving cheeseburgers, so we went to Steak n Shake and ate burgers, fries and shakes. Calories don't count on Mother's Day!  I got a red velvet shake and it was awesome!  I was so full and really didn't eat much the rest of the day.

Gary asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day this year and I had already mentioned a set of coffee mugs I saw at Sam's, so we picked those up.  I have also been wanting a grill.  Gary uses the smoker and charcoal grill, but I want a grill I can use at our new house on the covered porch.  I want to be able to grill all kinds of summer meals. Steaks and veggies and chicken and even grilled fruits.  We did a little grill shopping and I found the perfect one.  I wanted to cook on it today, but the wind was brutal and it was down right chilly.  We decided the cool weather wasn't the best for breaking in my new grill.  Instead we set it up and showed the pups around our new place.

I had a wonderful day with Gary, the kids and our pets.  I know I am so blessed and I am thankful.  I am very giddy with excitement about our new place.  I know it isn't our forever home, but I have just been so miserable in our current house.  It feels so weird.  I wish I could explain it, but basically I haven't liked this house from the second I walked in.  

Our new house is quaint and it is surrounded by green grass and open space.  I am looking forward to cook outs with friends and tons of summer fun!  I am also very excited about seeing the sun set again.  I've mentioned it before, but I can't really see it right now living downtown.  I love the sun and can't wait to soak it up!  I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday morning bike ride

Gary bought the kids Strider bikes last week and they have been dying to ride them.  The scenery was amazing.  Everything is budding and greening up.  It was a very beautiful stroll.

Strider bikes are basically bicycles without pedals.  They are great for teaching kids balance and preparing them to ride a motorcycle.

Gary was working on Saturday morning, so I took the kids on the route I usually run.  We had the best time on our adventure.  We stopped to tie Layla's shoe and a nice couple stopped to chat with us for a few minutes.  They were sweet to take a picture of us.

It rained the night before and so we made sure to hit every single puddle of water we saw. 

The kids had fun stopping and pushing the button for the crosswalks.

I only took my iPhone, but I need to take my big camera on our next walk.  I was in picture taking heaven, but what else is new?!?

The strider bikes are a huge hit!  I can see the kids riding them all summer long.  
Thanks daddy!

Friday, May 10, 2013

A preschool tea party

I was invited to a Mother's Day tea today!  It was the cutest thing ever.  All the moms in Hayden's preschool class attended a tea party and the kids entertained us while we ate homemade banana bread (by the kids)  mints and cookies.

They sang sappy, but adorable songs and participated in a skit.

We had our picture taken together for a memory book the kids have been making all year long!

I started tearing up when the kids sang a few of the songs.  They were so sweet and I am such a sap!

The kiddos acted out a version of The Three Little Pigs.  It really was so cute to see Hayden interact with the friends he talks about all the time!  I'm so thankful for his preschool and I'm happy to know he is ready for kindergarten because of his wonderful teachers.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Earth Day Project -- Spin Drum

The second graders at Layla's school had to do a Recycled materials Earth Day Project. 

I thought this was a great idea because it teaches the kids more about recycling.

We have recycled trash items for years and Layla always asks what is recycle-able before she throws it away.  I feel like the school does a great job helping us parents help the kids learn to recycle.  That was a mouth full! 

Layla and Gary decided to make a Spin-Drum.  They made the drum this past weekend and then tonight after regular homework Layla finished decorating the drum.  Afterwards she wrote her step by step report on how she made her drum. One of the directions for the project was the students had to have a cover letter.  I thought back to my school years and I honestly can't remember using a cover letter in second grade.  Times have changed huh?! 

I'm so proud the have helped Layla with this project.  She did an amazing job.  She remembered each step of making the drum even though it was 3 days later.

I hope she gets a great grade!