Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kentucky Derby

Angie, not to be confused with me, had a Kentucky Derby party.

We had so much fun!  I loved wearing a fun hat!  It was tons of fun for the whole family.

Layla even wore a hat and got into the Kentucky Derby spirit.

I have the best friends ever!  I love everyone here in my new town and I have made so many awesome friends.

We had the best time in our hats and dresses.  The race was so fun to watch and we all had fun cheering for our horses and screaming loud!

I had to have a picture taken with me and a Mint Julep.


I researched mint julep recipes and had a fun time making a batch of simple syrup and mint leaves. I don't think I'm a huge fan of mint juleps, but now I know how to make them!  They are the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby, but since we celebrated Cinco de Mayo too,  I think I prefer margaritas.  I'll have a margarita tomorrow!
Happy Derby Day!


Traci said...

Mint Juleps aren't my favorite either. I LOVE all of the hats! Every year I tell Dean that next year I want to have a Kentucky Derby party & I never remember until the day of the Derby.

Stacey Hall said...

So excited to find your blog & FB page! We are so glad that you and your family are here in Marietta aka Mayberry lol!! xoxo ps I have your tickets for the Fashion Show on Thursday ~ they are small haha C U Soon!!! :)