Monday, May 20, 2013

bike riding overload

These hot faces are loving the spring heat! 

My munchkins have been loving riding their bikes.  Saturday they went on a two mile bike ride and this is what they looked like when we got home.  We had fun and they loved every second. They slept great Saturday night!

Layla and Hayden fight as much as they get along.  It is exhausting at times.  
I'm happy to have caught this picture of them giggling instead of arguing.

Today is a big day for Layla.  She is training wheel free!  She is officially a bike rider and she is loving it!  She feels so free.  I'm happy for her.  I think that is a great start to the summer!

Hayden loves his strider and he wants to ride his bike without training wheels too, but he just isn't quite ready yet.  It burns him up with frustration.  He wants to be able to keep up with his big sister.  Earlier today he was riding and fell and busted his knees.  He was so sad.   He proclaimed he wouldn't ride his strider ever again.  After school he forgot all about his bonked knees and was back in action!

4 more school days!  Summer is almost here.  Whoo hoo!
We are also moving this week and next week.  It will be a stressful yet exciting few weeks!

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