Friday, August 30, 2013

she misses her people

Lily has been lonely since the kids have gone back to school.  We live pretty close to the school and every morning she watches the car pool line.  She sits on the stairs gazing out the window watching all the kids walk to school.  It is the sweetest thing. 

We sure do love our Lily pup!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walking to school!

I can't believe both of my munchkins are in school!

 I don't think it's really sunk in yet.....I'm the mom of two grade schoolers.

I am so excited about all the stories they will come home telling.  Seeing school through the kids eyes and minds is awesome.  I remeber how I felt when when I went to school and I can't wait to hear their thoughts and opinions!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

bubble boy

Hayden blew his first bubble today!  

I was so excited for him.   

It's crazy to me because I just posted about Layla loving to blow bubbles.  
He doesn't want to be out done by his big sister.  She's a great teacher!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hayden's first day of kindergarten

Hayden has been so excited about his first day of school!

He was all smiles every time he talked about starting this new adventure!

Here he is with Layla on her second day and his first!

Bless his heart. He was fine until he walked into his classroom. He got so nervous and didn't want to stay. I felt so bad for him and was shocked to see him so scared. Gary and I quickly left his classroom and apparently he did just fine! When the end of the day rolled around he was very excited and couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had! I'm so happy for him. I was worried when we left him.

I'd say both kids had a great back to school experience. I'm praying for a great school year for us all!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Layla's first day of 3rd grade

I'm so proud of my sassy girl!

She started her second new school in less than a year.

She was a little nervous this morning when I walked her into the school, but this afternoon she was talking 100 miles a minute!

She had a fun homework assignment with a list of silly things to do, including writing her name with her toes!

She had a great first day and was literally climbing the walls with excitement! Haha!

Hayden starts school tomorrow and Layla has been such a positive influence when it comes to school! He's very excited and ready to go.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coming right up...

school, that is!

The kids got to meet their teachers today!  I am so excited about our new school year.  

Because we moved houses, but in the same town, the kids will be going to a different school this year than they did last year.  

Of course Hayden will, he is beginning kindergarten!  

Layla is excited about switching schools and starting 3rd grade in our new school.  I thought she was going to be nervous, but she seems so much better with changing schools than she was in November when we moved here.  I know they are both nervous, because they said so, but I think they will both do great.

The new school is very small.  I think we will love it.  Both kids teachers were very nice and we look forward to a fun year meeting new friends!

Miss priss pot got a back to school hair cut.  She needed a few layers and I think styling her hair will be much easier now.  At least I hope.  The tears shed over brushing her hair are many, and not just from her.  I cry too.

This afternoon we organized all our school supplies.  We got all our new clothes all set and ready to wear.  We are still planning to pick our clothes out at the beginning of the week instead of every morning.  I can't handle the stress of arguing about what to wear each day.  Remember when I posted about our clothing organization

 It really is such an exciting time of year.  This year we will experience fall here in Ohio and we will get to see the leaves change and fall to the ground.  It is such an adventure for us because everything is still so new to us Texas folks.  I have to say I am loving it.  I would've never thought our family would be so happy here in Ohio, but we are digging it!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big O Bubble

Layla just recently started blowing really huge bubble gum bubbles.  

It reminded me of my childhood.  I remember the exact day I blew my first bubble.  I was riding with my Grandma in the car, in the middle seat, with no carseat or seatbelt. In fact I think my legs were sticking to the white vinyl seats.  I even remember the stretch of road we were traveling.  We were going over a bridge.   

I'd been trying to blow a bubble for weeks.  Every time I'd blow my gum would fly out of my mouth and usually plop into the dirt or land on the carpet. Eewww.  Gosh, I'd get so mad trying.  I didn't have patience as a kid either.  This time was different and I just knew I was going to blow a bubble that day, that moment.  I didn't want to lose my delicious piece of gum on the dirty floor board of grandma's long red car.  I did it.  Once I felt that feeling I was unstoppable.  I was blowing bubbles non-stop all day long.  

Man, gum is so fun.  I still love blowing bubbles.  My favorite gum is Hubba Bubba, but it is so sweet to my adult taste buds.  It's crazy how our tastes change.

Layla is so much like me.  She is loving gum right now.  She loves to see how big she can blow a bubble.  I love her innocence.  I love seeing the glow in her eyes when she blows a huge bubble.  I want her to remember this silly bubble forever, just like I remember blowing bubble gum bubbles as a kid!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

No cavities!!!

For some reason I have been a procrastinator scheduling doctors appointments since we moved.  I guess it turned out to be a good thing because now I have trusted opinions on which doctors to use and which to avoid.  Moving to a new town is hard because you have to start all over.  I found a dentist and waited until summer was almost over to book the kids appointments.

The only time slots they had open were at 8:00 and 8:30 am.  Not only was it super early in the was also a cool crisp 50 degrees when we woke up.  Brrrr!  

Hoodies in August say what??

Both kids did great and were cavity free.  Hayden had a few chipped molars though.  Weird huh?!?  What in the world caused those?  

Layla crunches lolipops, not Hayden.  I would have thought she'd have chips.  Anyway, we are watching those teeth and cutting down on the c-word.  C.A.N.D.Y! 

I thought is was interesting that the kids got sunglasses to wear because the lights were so bright.  That reminds me we need to make appointments with the eye doctor next!  :) 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A fun visit!

The kids had fun showing their Texas buddies around town!
I'm so glad we have had visitors this summer.  First my parents and now our best buds from Waco.  Jarred and Gary have been friends since childhood.  I've known Shelby since before Jarred and Shelby were married.  I didn't get invited to their wedding and we still laugh about that story to this day.  Gary and I were friends and he was all weird about inviting me to a wedding.  He thought I'd think he wanted to get serious or something.  Anyway....

All these years and four kids all together we are all still buddies.

We explored and ate ice cream and enjoyed watching all the boats on the river! 
 Us adults also had a fun night on the town too.

We are thankful for great friends and fun memories!

***If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram this is all a bit repetitive. I love my blog and I do have readers that aren't into social media, this is for me and them! Our family blog is our scrap- book. We love looking back over the years at our adventures!***

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Funday

We have friends in own from Texas and I just know they are loving the cooler temperatures Ohio has to offer right now!! We are excited to show them around town this week!

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday night on the town

Last night we walked the streets of our town exploring!

We ate Italian food with friends!

Our mom went crazy with the camera, as usual!

The weather was perfect!

Small town summers are pretty fun!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Aquatic Center Adventure!

There is a fun little water park in our town and I didn't want the summer to end without taking the kids to visit!  I thought it would be more fun with friends, so I asked if anyone else could join us.  We decided on a day and then changed to another day due to rain.  It has been such a rainy summer.  

Yesterday we packed up our beach towels and headed to the Aquatic Center!  I was so excited about the fun day ahead with friends. 

We arrived and got all set up with chairs and we were ready to splash around.  I didn't know the kids had to take a swim test before they could go down the water slides.  This suddenly made me very nervous for Layla.  I knew Hayden wouldn't want to slide, so I wasn't worried about him.  Layla had to be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping.  I had a terrible mom moment and didn't think she could do it.  She proved me wrong.  So very wrong.  I was nervous and for no reason.  She jumped into the water and swam her heart out.  I was so proud!

We headed to the slides to watch everyone slide down!!  

I took my phone to the slides and took a few pictures of all the fun.

Sweet Molly!

Natalie :)

And Layla.

After all the slide fun Hayden wanted to go to the lazy river.  It looked so fun.  I left the group to take my phone back to our chairs.  On my way back to our friends I slammed my foot on a lounge chair and it hurt so so bad.  I thought "Oh how clumsy of me."  After taking a few steps I thought "What in the world, this hurts?"  It felt horrible.  I stopped and looked down and it was not a pretty sight.  

**STOP reading right here if you don't like feet.**

 (I don't like feet and don't think they should ever be photographed.) 

I'm about to post a picture of my deformed foot.  Yuck!

One of these things is not like the others. haha!

Natalie and I each took a picture to show her husband (he's a doctor) because we weren't sure if I needed to go to the emergency room for an ex-ray.  I've always known that you can't really do much for a broken toe, but this looked really nasty.  I couldn't imagine getting that deformed foot into a shoe.  After thinking and even texting our nurse friend Kara, Angie and Natalie decided to watch a You tube video on "how to fix a dislocated toe."  

We are sitting on our white lounge chairs and they are googling how to fix my toe.  It was a fun adventure.  I was in pain, but I couldn't stop laughing.  Picture me:  Laying on a lounge chair with a towel over my head and part of the towel in my mouth (i couldn't find a stick to bite on) and Erin and Natalie hugging me while Angie yanked my toe back into place.  We were definitely causing a scene at the Aquatic Center.  It was hilarious.  I am thankful for a really long line at the snack bar.  The kids didn't see a thing because they were standing in line for snacks!  

See how much better it looks!  My poor swollen little pinky toe. 

Who needs a hospital when you have Google?

We taped me up and headed to the lazy river!  I got myself and Hayden all ready to float the river and the lifeguards blew the whistle....everyone out of the pools due to thunder and lightening. 


What a fun first trip to the Aquatic Center huh?  It was definitely a day we all won't soon forget!  

I love my friends.  Feet are gross and these girls touched my broken toe.  That's true friendship y'all!  Oh how I wish I'd gotten a pedicure before all these pictures were taken.  haha!  Oh well, this is real life!

We left the Aquatic Center and headed to an early dinner.  I wasn't going to let my toe stop us from having a fun evening.  We had a fun night and even headed to another pool.  All us moms showed the kids how to jump off the diving board.  It was a day to remember!

Today the foot is feeling better, but it's black and blue. I won't make your eyes bleed by looking at another picture of my foot. ;)  I have a limp and stairs are a bit tricky.   I'm sad I may not be able to work out for a few days, but I'm thankful it isn't swelling and seems to be fine now. 

What a crazy but fun day!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our first visitors from Texas

My parents got here on Wednesday and we have had the best time showing them around our new town!

We have all really enjoyed having them here!  

My dad rented a Ford Mustang convertible to drive while they were here.

He said in all 60 something years of his life he's never driven a convertible.  We had a blast cruizing around town with the top down and the wind blowing through our hair.

We have enjoyed taking them to all the great restaurants and eating ALL the great food.  We made sure they had the Pulled Pork nachos from the Boathouse.  It is the best place to sit outside in the spring and summer.  I love watching the big barges pushing coal float down the river.  I think my parents enjoyed a break in the heat that Texas is having right now.  Although the summer has been very mild, Ohio weather has been simply amazing!  It didn't get above 88 degrees the entire week vs. 100 degrees in Texas!

We toured the town and took them to Lookout point so they could enjoy the awesome view.   It is one of my favorite places in town.  I love to take pictures of the cute little city!

Netsie showed Layla how to crochet.  I don't even know how to do it, so maybe Layla can teach me too!

We all had a fun time here at home just enjoying the weather and our backyard.  We can't wait for them to come back again soon!!