Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big O Bubble

Layla just recently started blowing really huge bubble gum bubbles.  

It reminded me of my childhood.  I remember the exact day I blew my first bubble.  I was riding with my Grandma in the car, in the middle seat, with no carseat or seatbelt. In fact I think my legs were sticking to the white vinyl seats.  I even remember the stretch of road we were traveling.  We were going over a bridge.   

I'd been trying to blow a bubble for weeks.  Every time I'd blow my gum would fly out of my mouth and usually plop into the dirt or land on the carpet. Eewww.  Gosh, I'd get so mad trying.  I didn't have patience as a kid either.  This time was different and I just knew I was going to blow a bubble that day, that moment.  I didn't want to lose my delicious piece of gum on the dirty floor board of grandma's long red car.  I did it.  Once I felt that feeling I was unstoppable.  I was blowing bubbles non-stop all day long.  

Man, gum is so fun.  I still love blowing bubbles.  My favorite gum is Hubba Bubba, but it is so sweet to my adult taste buds.  It's crazy how our tastes change.

Layla is so much like me.  She is loving gum right now.  She loves to see how big she can blow a bubble.  I love her innocence.  I love seeing the glow in her eyes when she blows a huge bubble.  I want her to remember this silly bubble forever, just like I remember blowing bubble gum bubbles as a kid!

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