Thursday, August 30, 2007

Busy Day!

Layla was a very sleepy girl tonight. We started the fall semester of LittleGym this morning. She had so much fun jumping, singing and running! Tonight she got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Jenni, at PreSchool. She didn't want to leave her classroom; she is super excited about school. Her 1st day is Wednesday....more pics to come. Night Night sweet princess!! Your dad and I love you and are very proud of our sweet daughter.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Layla Kate & Kyle Patrick

Layla's Best Friend

Layla & Hudson.
We are so blessed to have wonderful neighbors. Layla loves to play with Hudson and Grayson. Almost every night we play outside with the all the kids on our street. We love our neighborhood!
Sneaking a kiss...Oh My! Don't let dad see this!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Layla Loves...

playing in the sandbox
going to the park
posing for pics
playing the piano
playing dress up

Lexi's 3rd Birthday 07/27/07

Lexi was excited to have her party at Chuck E. Cheese's.
Layla loves pizza.
Mia & Layla being silly girls!
Lexi and Chuck E.
Wow Chuck E. is so BIG!

Summer fun in Clifton.

We made a trip to Clifton to visit Auntie & Uncle Donny Ray. Layla swam in the pool while Auntie & I chatted. Dad & Donny Ray played golf.
Cooling off!
Dad took a dip after a HOT round of golf.
Watch me jump like a frog!
Splish, Splash...this pool is just my size...Thanks Auntie & Donny Ray!! We always enjoy our time with you guys!!

Puppy Love

Layla and Callaway, best buds.
Harley has to be in the mood to play,
Layla is alittle too loud for laid-back

Dad snapped a shot of all his girls, we just woke up.

Getting Kisses!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bicycle & Cricket

Here are a few pictures of Layla on her new big girl bike. She tried out a few in the store and this is the one she wanted. She looks so cute wearing her helmet, and the knee and elbow pads are silly. They came in the package with the helmet so of course we had to put them on. We were hoping the bike would keep her busy for awhile, but as it turned out a cricket caught her eye. Yep, isn't that how it normally works. Get her a new bike, and all she wanted was a smelly nasty BUGGY!!