Sunday, October 29, 2017


We had a fun night celebrating Halloween with friends!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Allergy shots!

This guy started shots today! We’re praying for some relief to his eczema!
He didn’t even flinch as she administered the shots, yes in each arm.  He’s awesome!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Go go G-O!

Layla is loving her Monday nights as of late. She’s in the 7th grade pep squad. 

It’s so fun to watch her do her thang. 
She’s spunky and loud and cheering is a perfect fit for her personality. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

soaking the itchies away

Hayden is enjoying a Sunday evening soak.  He's soaking away the rough patches of dry, red and flaky skin that makes him itchy every single day.

I think he may be my hero right now.  Every single day for the past year he has struggled with allergies.  Allergies for him don't cause him the sniffles or coughing.  His allergies come out through his skin.  It's a daily battle and Gary and I feel like someday all he will remember is us staying, "Stop scratching, put on some lotion."  He is amazing.  He takes it all in stride.  He knows his triggers, grass, trees and dust.  He asks to stay in a recess if the school lawn guys are mowing.  He's just such a good boy and not only do we pray for him every day, he prays for himself.  He is a prayer and he knows this is a season.  Eczema isn't forever.  It is a chapter in his life and he will outgrow it some day and until then we will fight and stay away from his triggers.

And baths are the plus!  After much fear, I talked him into a bath and he enjoys soothing in the water.  Finally!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

sunrise on the beach

17 years ago at sunrise Gary forgot to bring the ring to the ceremony. He left me standing on the sandy beach while I watched him walk back up the boardwalk & upstairs to the hotel room to get my ring. Oh y'all, it seemed like it took him forever to return and we joke to this day he contemplated calling a cab and running! I'm so thankful for all our adventures. It's never dull and marriage takes work, but I can't imagine doing this life with anyone else.

Monday, August 21, 2017

back to school!

School is back in session!  We have a 4th grader and a 7th grader.

Layla is starting her first year at the middle school and Hayden is finishing up his last year in elementary school.  I am starting my second year at the high school.  We are looking forward to a fall filled with soccer, gymnastics and tons of football watching!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Happy 9th birthday little man

This silly man turned 9 today, but he turned his birthday breakfast cake candle upside down.  He is such a silly prankster! 

Hayden decided he wanted Georges for his birthday dinner, so tonight we celebrate him at a fun eating spot of his choice.

Hayden chose yellow cake with chocolate icing for his birthday cake this year, but he saw a pecan cake mix in the pantry and we went with that.  It was mighty tasty!

I'm praying in this guys 9th year he will clear up from the eczema he's been fighting for so long.  I know moving to a nice new home will help him so much!  We love you HC!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

12 on the 11th

Layla's birthday cake of the year was cookie cake this year.  She woke up 12 years old and decided to have cookie cake for breakfast.  We have to stick to our traditions!!

Birthday selfie!!

Layla had 3 friends over for a birthday sleepover.  They painted shirts, jumped on the trampoline and giggled a TON!

She was thrilled to have buddies come to our new house.  We are getting settled in, but that didn't stop her from having a fun sleepover party!

  We are thankful for our 12 year old!  
Happy Happy Day!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Moving and Unpacking .... again!

I finished work mid-June and we packed and purged and packed and went to the water park.  That is about all we did.  I was ready to get us moved, but still want to make the beginning of summer fun for the munchkins.  

We didn't really unpack all that much in our rental house when we first moved back to Waco.  There were tons of boxes and totes we needed to move, but we also aquired  a little junk that we needed to go through. When you move a million times in 5 years you pretty much have the system down. ha!  I'm excited to get settled and unpacked in our new house.  The timing is perfect since I'm off work during the summer.  I feel like we have waited for this moment since we sold our house in Haslet.  It's time to unpack and settle in for the next chapter!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

no cavitites

The three of us spent our morning at the dentist office.

We are all clean and cavity free!  

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Last day of school!!!

I can't believe it is the last day of school for these two!

I'm thrilled for them.  They have worked so hard this year.  They have been super busy with soccer and volley ball.  We had activities every night for weeks and weeks and they did great!

 Hayden has one more year in elementary school.  He will finish out 4th grade next year.  I'm so excited for him!

 Layla is moving up to middle school.  She's our 7th grader!

 Goodness I just love my cuties!

 I survived my first year as a working mom.  I managed to find a way to keep us all fed and alive.  We all had clean laundry and a somewhat clean house!  It was a wonderful year for me and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I'm thrilled I decided to go back to work!  


We are so ready to dive into summer!! 

Sunday, May 28, 2017


I am so thrilled for our little tumbler.  She finally landed her ariel on the ground!  She's been doing it on the trampoline for months, but getting it finally made her squeal with delight!!!

Layla wanted to branch out and do something different, so she tried volleyball this spring.  I can't wait to get her back into a tumbling class.  Tumbling truly makes her so so very happy! 

Yay for the mastery of her ARIEL!

Friday, May 26, 2017

tug of war and other fun games too

 Third grade field day was a success!

I arrived just in time to see tug-of -war.  I was so worried about Hayden's knee, but he did great and didn't seem to let it slow him down.

 I am thankful for a group of friends that encourage Hayden and help him be a better boy.  I have heard tons of 3 grade stories and I'm so thankful for his buddies.

My goodness Hayden's skin looks so unblemished in this picture.  His eczema is looking so much better and I'm so thankful!

Monday, May 15, 2017

a brace and some ice and REST!

  Hayden has been complaining about his knee hurting for a week or so.

Saturday, Layla decided to help him out by carrying him from the restaurant to the car.

 Today during school Hayden called me and he said he'd had enough.  

He was sick of hurting.

We've been keeping him still and as calm as possible, but it hasn't felt better. I knew it was time to have it checked.  We headed to urgent care and they did an ex-ray and it showed nothing broken.  Now we know for sure it is a ligament strain.  He has to wear a brace for 10 days and NO RUNNING.  Goodness, how in the world will we keep him calm?

We will ice every night and hope he is better with time and rest!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

goalie for the last game

Last Saturday at the game Hayden hurt his knee, so today for the last game he played goalie.

He  did an amazing job.  It's so hard to see him limping and I know he wants to run and play hard, but he just can't.  He had a wonderful season and scored at least 2-3 goals per game.  I just love watching him play.  I hope his knee feels better soon and that he is back to running fast soon.  You know when you're 8 years old it is all about how fast you can run!! :)

Friday, May 5, 2017

our volleyball girl

It has been so fun watching LK play a new sport this spring.  She wanted to try something new and I think that is brave!  She has done great and we enjoy watching her and her team grow in teamwork! 

Go Chargers!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

a picture for your thoughts

I know this is a strange photo.

Do you ever have moments you just don't want to forget?  I have them often and I can't always remember them all, but I try.  I try to stick them somewhere in this busy momma brain so I won't forget.

One memory I will never forget:  Gary, Layla and I moved into our house in Haslet.  We just closed and signed paperwork on our house.  Our very first home purchase.  We watched it being built.  I was sitting in the hallway on the fresh brand new carpet.  Gary was in the playroom that eventually turned to Layla's bedroom.  It was right next door to what was eventually Hayden's room before he was even born.  Dang, that was a mouthful.  I remember like it was yesterday.  I can still see Gary's back.  In shorts of course, because that is Gary.  He was measuring windows for blinds.  I prayed at that moment for Layla, for our family to be and I asked God to bless that house and all who stepped foot into it.  What wonderful memories we made there, but also what hurt we endured there too.  Life isn't perfect, but I will always remember that moment like it was yesterday.  I was a good memory very similar to this picture.

In the above photo Layla is letting me blow dry her hair.  Have you ever wondered when would be the last time you would blow dry your childs hair?  Layla is 11. She is going to middle school next year and she will be able to do her own hair.  I'll cherish every brush stroke, every single time she lets me blow dry her hair.  I don't want it to be the last time.  I'll always remember this moment just like sitting on the carpet of our new house.

Also in the picture I see her lotions.  She loves smelly lotions.  Lotions I never used until high school, but she loves them and saves her money to buy fun lotions.  That's Layla.  I see her cute outfit.  She carefully picked it out to attend a birthday party with friends.  I see her royal blue shirt.  The one that makes her eyes pop!

I see the pink bathroom in this silly little awful rent house.  I will certainly never forget this moment in this bathroom.  I'm thankful for his house, but at the same time I can't stand it.  This house helped us move back to Texas, so while I don't like it, I love it.  I'll always remember the pink bathroom.  The first thing Hayden did in this pink bathroom the day we moved in was barf on the carpet.  Yes, I said carpet in the bathroom.  Who does that?? Who puts carpet in the bathroom?  

Since I mentioned Hayden.  In this picture, I see his water, his lotions and his soap.  He can't take a shower in the local water.  He's allergic to it, so we sponge bathe him with bottled water.  When I look at this picture I see and will never forget this stage of our life.  This chapter in Hayden's life and the way having eczema has affected our entire family.  I will always remember.  We are stronger because if it!

I encourage you to stop and look at a picture now and again. When you do, really look and devour every single detail. Stop and think back to a time in the past you remember.  Think about a good time, or a bad time.  Think about how you learned and how it made you grow.  Every single moment, good or bad shapes our lives and our character.  I will cherish the moment I was blow drying Layla's hair.  I'll remember the little moments, just like I did sitting on the carpet in our first home.

Monday, April 24, 2017

failing to plan is planning to fail

The days of being a stay at home mom for me are over.  I'm loving working.  It is so rewarding and I really love my job.  I do feel like I have to stay on top of my household chores during weekend.

Every single Sunday we prep our food for the week.   We boil 20 eggs so that Gary and I each get 2 eggs every morning for breakfast.  We shred our beloved butter lettuce for salads.  I'm addicted to pepperjack cheese wedges and I eat them with celery, so I wash, clean and chop celery sticks.  We are loving the spring strawberries, so we clean and slice strawberries and put them into snack size bags for easy snacks at work.  The kids eat cantelope for breakfast.  All that stuff gets done on Sunday for the week.

My goodness it is hard work to work and keep up a household, but thankfully Gary is amazing. (and I only say that b/c I was a SAHM for 11 years) We share chores and since he is home every night for dinner we share cooking meals too.  Thankfully the kids put away all their own laundry and I try to do a load every other day.  They pack their own school lunches.  I can't imagine doing everything all by myself every single day.  I did that before I worked because it was my full time job.  I also know that I have to make the kiddos do their own chores. The are old enough and we are trying to make them independent so they can go off to college and not be in shock.  I'm hoping I rub off on them and  they learn a thing or two about planning!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday is a great day to be outside!  We love driving around exploring. We decided to walk around the closest park.  There were tons of people at the park. Some even had their BBQ pits and picnics. I'm thinking a summer kickball party is in order at the park! 

Happy Sunday Funday!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter egg hunt on Palm Sunday

These two were mortified that I made them take a picture with the Easter bunny!

They did not hesitate to hunt eggs though.  They may think they're too big for a picture, but they aren't too big for Easter candy!


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday afternoon shenanigans

I asked Hayden to get the wagon from the garage to pick up sticks in the front yard.

Then the wagon looked so fun.  Lily couldn't handle herself.  She was barking and chasing the wagon as the kids took turns pulling each other and Daisy.  Poor Daisy.  She was mad to be in the wagon.  She's such a good sport!

There is never a dull moment in our house.

  Goodness gracious these 4 are silly silly munchkins!