Friday, July 31, 2015

meet the teacher

Today we went to school for the kids to meet their teachers for the 2015-2016 school year.  We made the rounds around the school and the kids caught up with a few of their buddies too.  I'm excited for the kids to have a full year at their school.  They started last year in November here in Georiga.  I think it's confusing and frustarting to start mid-year.   They are excited about seeing all their friends and I am excited about getting back into a routine!


Everywhere we look in our neighborhood we see Kona Ice.  Why didn't we think of that?  Starting school earlier than normal is a bummer, but Kona Ice makes everything better!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

las vegas vacay

I tagged along with Gary on a work trip.  I was on vacation while he worked!  We had tons of time together though and I even went to a few meetings with him.

We stayed at the Palazzo.  I was in picture taking heaven.

You can kinda see the reflection on the glass, but this was the view from our room.  It was awesome!

We went to fun dinners every night and had to take selfies to document!

When I was in Vegas last we went to the Venetian but the Palazzo wasn't there yet.  I still love the ceiling now as I did then!  It's so cool!

This picture looks yucky, but this breakfast was probably my favorite meal.  I ate it twice!  It's little tiny somewhat crunchy biscuits with sausage gravy, fingerling potatoes and two over medium eggs.  It was great comfort food for be being jet lagged and exhausted because Vegas never quits hopping.  Sheesh.  I'm too old for Vegas!

Our room was perfect and spacious.  The view was great and the bed was comfy.  Gary and I had a big time playing with the remote control curtains.  

The pool area was extremely HOT.  Goodness gracious.  I had a feeling when I jumped into the pool that it would be hot as a hot tub, but it was FREEZING.  It was shocking at first, but then truly refreshing.  Gary and I enjoyed talking to his co-workers, but we also had a fun time meeting new friends.  We met a few ladies from Colorado and Nebraska.  They were there on a girl trip and they were so fun to talk to.  Gary and I can make friends anywhere.  We always meet new folks while on vacay!

Another pre-dinner selfie. I'm so thankful I get to be married to my best friend.  We have some super fun times together and I'm so blessed to have an awesome life partner.

I had to take some scenic pictures for the kids.  I knew they would love seeing the hotel and all the fun shops and decorations.  Gosh, I can't imagine what Las Vegas will look like when they are old enough to go.  It'll be so very different!

We couldn't have gone without help from my parents. Thanks Netsie for hanging out here at home with the kiddos!  Thank you DeDe for staying in Texas with your fur babies so mom could make the trip! 

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Guess who is 7!!  I love this guy!

Netsie is in town for the week and she made him a chocolate cake with vanilla icing!

Today he tried to see how many different ways he could hold up 7 fingers!

He cruised the driveway on his new glider and we swam all afternoon!

He rode home in the front seat of the Jeep (all of one mile) like a big guy.  

We ended the day with a yummy dinner of steak, as usual.  Steak is always his go to favorite meal!  

Happy Birthday Hayden!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

tagging along with dad

Gary has a dealership in Huntsville AL and we tagged along with him to swim in the hotel pool!

Along the way we stopped to check out the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro.  I didn't get the orange memo....the kiddos blended in with the sign!  It's hilarious.

We heard about the Unclaimed Baggage Center on the Today Show and since we were passing through we stopped to see if there were any great deals.  It was basically like a big yard sale.  Some things were great deals and others were over priced.  Honestly I just needed more time to shop, but I wasn't in a browsing mood that day, so we just skimmed around the store.  Gary found a cool watch and Hayden found a football.  We bought a few things and then headed back out on the road to Hunstville.

Layla is just looking so grown up.  She loved the hotel and its totally modern look, so she wanted to pose for a few pictures.  She's a good sport for letting me take some pictures.

Our kids love hotel stays.  They love exploring new places.

Hayden's poses lately are .... well.  I just don't know what to say.  He's a goof ball and doesn't want me taking his photo every 5 minutes.

I like hotel stays because I get to try out fun workout equipment.  I didn't get but about 20 minutes in, but hey, it's better than no workout!

The kids just lounged around and watched TV.  I would have loved to really workout, but they got bored and I get that, so we headed out to the pool for a swim.

Of course we visited dad at work and met all his coworkers.  Hayden climbs on whatever bikes or 4 wheelers he can.  He's itching to ride!!

We enjoyed trying a new restaurant when Gary got off work!  It was Mexican food and it was very delicious!

The kids and I had fun lounging around.  We dropped Gary off at work and when we stopped to get coffee Gary got them Starburst.  For breakfast.  Goodness gracious.  These two kiddos love them some candy.

We had a fun few days out with dad.  I'm glad the kids get to see where he works an what he does every day.  I think they get a better understanding of how hard he works and they get why sometimes he works so much.  We are thankful for our hard working man!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer is flying by!

I can't believe summer is almost over!  It's been great, but we need another month.  The kids got out of school the last week of May and they go back August 3rd!  I can't believe it.

Look at these two munchkins on the red carpet!  I love them to the moon and back!

Saturday, July 18, 2015


The kids and I went to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Atlanta Highway Indian motorcycle dealership. 

 The dealership turned out amazing. The building was totally redone, including new paint and floors.  It's so pretty and I just love the layout of the store.  I took a picture (above) of the kiddos in front of Layla's favorite bike.  She loves the willow green color.

  I enjoyed meeting some of the people Gary talks about all the time.  It's so good to put a name with a face to most of the people I hear so much about.  It was a hot Saturday, but a great way to spend the day, and what a great turnout...tons of people!

Saturday, July 11, 2015


We had a great day celebrating our girl!

She's 10!  10!!!!!

She had a sleepover with 2 friends and we went to the mall to get her ears pierced.

She looks so grown up!

Of course we started the day with cake for breakfast in our pj's!

I'm so proud of my sweet girl!  She's a joy!  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

happy fourth of july

Our bestie buddies drove in from Ohio to celebrate Independence Day!

First up.....the pool!

Look at that photo bomber!

The dads golfed and then they joined us at the pool!

The ice cream truck drove by and they partook!

Then we all cleaned up for dinner!

I ran into Becca at dinner.  It was sooooo nice to meet her!

We ate at Salt Factory, downtown Woodstock.  Erin and I got calamari and the guys got oysters.

I ended my dinner with a giant cheeseburger.  It was a great treat after a long day at the pool!


After a group picture it was back home for some sparklers.

And smoke bombs!

And snap pops.

I love this little firecraker.  She is growing up into such an amazing little lady!

We ended our awesome day with a fireworks show.  It was wonderful to share this day with our buddies!  Thanks for the weekend of sweet memories bestie family!