Friday, December 31, 2010

a few 2010 highlights

In July Layla turned 5!!

In July Hayden turned 2!!

Hayden started preschool

Layla started kindergarten!!

Sadly in November we lost our sweet Callaway.

Gary and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in September!

Look at us 10 years ago...

We had a wonderful year! 
We are so blessed and are looking forward to 2011!! 
Thank you for following our family we look forward to sharing our lives with you in the new year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

last few days of 2010

The past two days have been busy. I have been trying to focus on the kids since they don't have school this week. Yesterday, we did some shopping as a family. It was so fun. Layla has been asking me for a small Christmas tree for her room. She asked me last year, and this year. I told her maybe next year. We waited until after Christmas and got two small trees yesterday from Garden Ridge. They were half off and I even got a few ornaments to go on them. I had a tree in my room when I was little and I loved it. I also want to fancy up my tree next year, so this way the kids can have their ornaments and I can spruce up my tree.  Both kids have window seats in their rooms, and I was thinking the trees will look great there.

We took them out of the boxes to make sure they worked. And they did....all the twinkly lights twinkle :)  We let the kids keep them up in their rooms for one night.  I was worried Hayden would get out of bed and play with his, but he didn't.  Layla left the lights turned on hers for a bit, and then she was ready to turn it off.

Today Layla had a friend come play for the afternoon.  They had grilled cheese sandwiches and played their hearts out.  Layla and Emma Kate were best friends in preschool.  They were inseparable....sadly they go to different schools now.  I hate that for them, but since we live in different neighborhoods, they will always go to separate schools.  Anyway, Layla has been wanting to play with her and they had a super fun time. 

After Emma Kate left we decided to go outside and enjoy the 70 degree weather.  Seriously, Texas weather is so random.  Since it will be in the mid 40's again in a few days we decided to go ahead and take down our outdoor Christmas lights.  We had some very cute helpers, eager to help. 

As dad would pull the lights down, the hanger things would fall off the shingles.  It was raining light holders and the kids loved it.  They would run and grab them and stick them in the tote!  I love having helpers around the house.  I have talked Layla into helping with the laundry too.  She is my little sorter.  We are a team in this family, and I want them to know they have to do their part to make this house run successfully.  They helped us take down the Christmas tree too.  They weren't very helpful with this task, but since we did the outside we decided to go ahead and tackle the inside decor too.  I was sad to see the tree go back in the attic, but we wanted to take it down this year before New Years Eve.

I can't get over the great weather we had today.  Layla and Hayden ran all around the backyard and worked up a thirst.  They asked for Popsicles, and I happened to have a few made up in the freezer.

Daddy and Layla found a ladybug. How crazy is that?

And the kids got their tool set out and worked on their cars.  They were banging and hammering like no body's business.  They are a hoot!

They said cheers and slammed Popsicles together...I can't believe I caught it on camera!

I have enjoyed these few days, but I am so tired tonight.  Taking down the decor wore me out!  Tomorrow I am planning our New Years Eve menu.  I love cooking up something fun for NYE.  I know for sure New Years Day we are having ham and black eyed peas.  We always waste black eyed peas, none of us care for them, so this year I think I will make Texas Caviar.  I am in search of a fun salsa {ish} recipe we can dip with chips, or Gary can wrap up a spoonful in a tortilla. 
Hopefully I will find something fun and yummy :) 

What do you eat on New Years Eve and New Years Day?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Buzz and Tristin

The kids have had so much fun playing with their new toys. I think they both want to become one with their toys though. I know I have said it a million times, Hayden loves Buzz.  I think we will have to add Buzz as his new middle name.

Layla loves her new Moxie Girlz doll.  She loves it so much, she chose to dress like 'Tristin" today.  Right down to the bracelets and scarf.  Silly girl, but I think they are adorable.

Kids are so impressionable.  I hope we can constantly keep positive roll models in their lives.  And this is a reminder to Gary and I how fast their preferences change.  Luckily most phases are short lived!  Next week Layla will be moving onto something different.  Hayden though...who knows??  He really LOVES Buzz!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Funniest thing EVER!

Awww...aren't these girls so cute?  Isn't MeMaw's necklace strange? 
Imagine our Christmas surprise when she strolled into our house pushing her walker with this huge snowflake around her neck.

WAIT...that isn't a SNOWFLAKE!!  MeMaw...what have you been up to?

Oh you know my lovely grand kids...I have just been "kickin' it!" 

Is that not the funniest thing you have ever seen in your whole life?  Sadly, MeMaw had no clue what she purchased from a vendor at a jewelry party at her assisted living home.

My question is who does that? Who sells senior citizens snowflake necklaces like this?  I am still giggling today thinking about it.  And laughing at how silly she acted after she found out what it was.  She never took it off.  MeMaw was looking better yesterday than she had in months.  If you have read my blog long, you know she has had some major health issues.  She was silly and spunky and a joy to be around.  She made us laugh all day long and the necklace was just wild!!!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The last two days have been so fun and full.  I realized how blessed we are.  Christmas has always been fun for me...being around family and friends is one of my favorite things.  Doing all the same thing with kids = SUPER DUPER AWESOME!  I love seeing this time of year through their eyes. 

Our families showered the kids and Gary and I with amazing gifts.  It isn't about the gifts though...we just love hanging out with fun folks! And eating good food of course.

Here we are...posing for the camera...thank goodness for the auto timer :) 
I laugh when I look at this picture.  Hayden is clearly saying "cheese"! 
My Aunt Pat and I laughed even harder when we saw the only ornament on my mom's tree.  She doesn't put ornaments on her tree, and this peace sign was a gift.  It is shining bright like the North star!

My kids both officially ate junk for two days. Here, Hayden is having a chocolate cupcake.

And Layla is having a red velvet cupcake.  She is laughing about something....perfect manners.

Both kids were very happy to help my Grandparents open their gifts.


After we left our first celebration we headed home for the four of us to spend Christmas Eve night together.  It is very important to Gary and I that our kids are home in their beds on Christmas Eve.  Many of my friends travel during the holiday's and I consider us lucky to live near our families.

Layla sprinkled reindeer food in the backyard.

And Hayden sprinkled it in the front yard.

And yes, Hayden is wearing his Buzz costume. 
He wears it every chance he gets. When he isn't wearing it, it is in the washing machine. 
The little guy is obsessed!!!!!

Our family tradition the kids look forward too on Christmas Eve is getting to open one gift...

Layla knew what the gift was...PJ's! 
She loves jammies, and so getting new ones is always fun.

Hayden loves all sports, so these were perfect for him.  And Layla loves iCarly!!

Our kids were so tired from no naps and a busy day.  We put them to bed at 6:30pm on Christmas Eve.  Hayden basically asked to go to sleep...ha!  Poor guy was worn out from a very busy day.  Gary and I enjoyed our time together, and we talked about how blessed we are. We got ready for Santa to come visit.  Gary was struggling to open most of the gifts.  The manufacturers of toys really don't want you to get into the toys do they?


Hayden woke up at 5:50 am this morning. Sheesh...but we expected it with such an early bed time. 
The kids had so much fun tearing into their gifts.

Layla got a Furr Real walking puppy. She got a necklace that says "Jesus Loves Me."   Hayden was stoked to see Buzz Lightyear under the tree.  All was right in the world for him after he saw Buzz.  And then of course he had to put on his matching Buzz Halloween costume.

I got a lazy susan for my breakfast table. I have the hardest time finding a center piece for the table, and this is perfect!  I am so happy about it!

These are my peeps on Christmas morning.  We are sporting our new pj's and sleepy faces!

Layla and I in our necklaces...mine says "Capture Life" w/a pic of a me huh?

Daddy and his girls.

Every Christmas the adults do a fun gift exchange.  While we were doing that the kids were going nuts over toys they got.  Hayden received a Woody, to go with Buzz.  Then he proceeded to push them both around in a super cool dump truck.  Layla got two Moxie Girlz dolls.  So much giving and fun fellowship.  It was awesome :)

I took the opportunity to snap pics of the family.  This is Auntie Susan, Kristin and Rob.  Kristin and Aunt Suzie are the best babysitters ever.  They both love coming to hang with the kids if Gary and I need to get away.  Rob is about to be a dad!  I can't wait to meet his daughter.  They are already past the due date, so she will be born any day now!!!

Kristin and Rob with MeMaw. Take note of MeMaw's super cool necklace.

Mother and Daughter...I think they look just alike.

Here is a picture of me and my parents.  I had been working in the kitchen. can tell.  I look like two cents.  My hair is a mess.  But the food was good, and you know me...I love to have folks in my home enjoying food and conversation!

Layla and MeMaw.  Sweet buddies!

Layla is working wonders on Aunt Suzie...trying to talk her into more candy.

Gary, Angie, MeMaw, Jessie, and Susan

And here is Buzz.  He is the only one in the entire house today that ate and liked the Happy Birthday to Jesus cake balls I made.  Can you believe it?  No one liked them.  I couldn't believe it.  I didn't even like them.  They are WAY too sweet for me. 

Happy Birthday Jesus & Merry Christmas...I hope you had a wonderful day!!