Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Teeth and Toe-touch

I promise I will post more Christmas photos, but had to update you guys on the teething situation. Hayden finally has a tooth. WooHoo!!!! I was beginning to think I was crazy....all the crying and drooling and screaming. Anyway, this morning I finally felt it! He seems to be in better spirits...my little 5 month old tooter. First one down. I on the other had am exhausted....I still haven't caught up from the holiday rush. Now my allergies are really bugging me....so someday I'll post the rest of the fun Christmas pics!
Good night all, hello NyQuil!

Madman....that explains HC in this walker. Enough said....he'll be walking soon.

My little cheerleader....the trampoline is awesome...thanks Santa!

Keeps a chic busy :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning 2008

Sipes boys
Yep....it was before 7am and she had a lollipop.

Sleepy Daddy

Sleepy mommy but excited...WooHoo....Santa brought me boots.

Hayden's 1st Christmas

Traditional PJ's~Christmas Eve



Christmas Eve night Layla opened our pj's before we put them on for bed. Everyone loves new PJ's!!

Family PJ pic Christmas morning.

Santa came early!!

Layla woke up from her nap on Christmas Eve and Santa had just dropped off this trampoline! Layla was so excited, but still sleepy!!

LK in shock!

Roughin' up daddy.

Ok....let's try it out!


Tons of fun...for mom too!!

Thumbs up Santa

Sprinkling reindeer food

On Christmas Eve, Eve...Layla fed the reindeer. It was a cute mixture of oatmeal and glitter. Santa and the reindeer found us the next day......

Job well done!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus Party at School

The kids ate yummy birthday cake, and played games and made Christmas ornaments for the tree.

The (teething) Faces of Hayden

Teeth are coming soon!! He loves sticking his tongue out to rub his gums.

Kyle's Birthday Celebration

KP & Donny Ray
LK dancing
She talked Auntie into dancing....
Gabi & the Birthday boy

We had a great time celebrating Kyle's Birthday on Friday night.
Layla and Gabi...serious girl talk.

Happy Birthday Cuz!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now for the ornaments

Mmm What's in this box?
This one goes right here!

HaHa......bottom heavy

Pj pic

Fluffing the tree....ick

I'm not a fluffer. It is my least favorite part of putting up the tree.
It makes me itchy.
So...LK & Dad do it wonderfully!

Foot Fluffer

Gotta have the step stool.

Fluffing complete!!

Purple hoodie!

Layla loves this shirt, and of course the T-day balloon. Thanks DeDe & Netsie.

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Big family shot
Kids and Grandparents


Aunt Pat and LK gardening.

Cousin Kacie and HC
Netsie and HC.

Silly Kacie...don't drink all the wine :)

Auntie making HC laugh!!

Gary & Grandpa


Layla and the boys

HC and Grandma

HC eyeballing Red.

Gary, Auntie and Hayden