Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Teeth and Toe-touch

I promise I will post more Christmas photos, but had to update you guys on the teething situation. Hayden finally has a tooth. WooHoo!!!! I was beginning to think I was crazy....all the crying and drooling and screaming. Anyway, this morning I finally felt it! He seems to be in better spirits...my little 5 month old tooter. First one down. I on the other had am exhausted....I still haven't caught up from the holiday rush. Now my allergies are really bugging me....so someday I'll post the rest of the fun Christmas pics!
Good night all, hello NyQuil!

Madman....that explains HC in this walker. Enough said....he'll be walking soon.

My little cheerleader....the trampoline is awesome...thanks Santa!

Keeps a chic busy :)

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