Thursday, February 28, 2008


Layla decided she likes the camera and wants pics.
She dresses up in all her garb and demands pics....silly goose!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

2 more weeks!!

So, I am 19 weeks pregnant. Almost half-way. I had a doctor's appointment today, but won't have a sonogram for 2 more weeks. I can hardly wait to find out which one it will be....a boy or a girl! Dr. Holmes said that the heartbeat was fast. He seems to think it is a girl....who knows?!?!

Fun Playdate

Lilly, Sophie & Layla
Jumping on Layla's bed!
Last Friday Sophie and Lilly came over to play with Layla. It was a cold icky day, but these wild and silly girls had a blast jumping and playing on the bed.
Us moms had a blast laughing and watching the action.
Thanks for coming to play!!

The 2 L's!

Lilly and Layla!!

Layla and Lilly have been hanging out quite a bit lately. Megan and I enjoy visiting while the girls play together....they play pretty well together. We have to referee...sharing seems to be a hard thing to learn.
Last week we played at Lilly's house and then went to Mc Donalds. The girls had a great time and wore themselves out! As you can tell Layla loves
Mc Donalds....her shirt is covered in carmel from the Apple Dippers....she loves them!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Party time!

A very excited little girl heading off to school!

Layla and her classmates.

Layla had a big day at school.
The class had McDonalds for lunch & then banana splits during the party.
They all exchanged cards and was a big time!

Weekend Getaway!

Last weekend we were invited to Lake Whitney to camp-out. Kevin and Wendi have about 7 cabins and a cook shack. Once or twice a year a group of us enjoy spending time together roughing it. All the cabins have nice comfy beds and showers. During the summer we play on the lake, but since it is winter we had to think of fun things to do outside. Luckily we had wonderful weather! The guys brought BB guns and we all had fun with those!
Here are a few pictures:
Mark Reloading

Mark and Gary.
Angie and Jeannie...trying to hit a Dr Pepper can....look out!!

Jeannie & MarkJarred roughing it....playing video games!
Thank you so much Kevin & Wendi for having us!
We love hanging out at Lake Whitney!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Silly Girl

Ok...funny story and pics.

We went to Nevus & DeDe's in Frisco on Saturday for brunch. My parents have a pet door for their dogs and Layla decided to use it.

She wore herself out going in and out playing with the dogs.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Layla Loves....

going to school, watching Max & Ruby, eating cheese sandwiches and drinking chocolate milk. She loves to do her Dora puzzle and color in her color books. Layla loves watching The Little Mermaid and is obsessed with Ariel. She loves to turn up the music and dance around the room. Layla Kate is an absolute blessing...we love her very much!

Layla loves her little lamb BeBe. Bebe has been with Layla for 2 1/2 years, and is showing some wear....she was off-white, and now she is dirty brown. She is washed weekly, but whew she is a mess! Layla doesn't care; she loves BeBe just the way she is!