Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekend Getaway!

Last weekend we were invited to Lake Whitney to camp-out. Kevin and Wendi have about 7 cabins and a cook shack. Once or twice a year a group of us enjoy spending time together roughing it. All the cabins have nice comfy beds and showers. During the summer we play on the lake, but since it is winter we had to think of fun things to do outside. Luckily we had wonderful weather! The guys brought BB guns and we all had fun with those!
Here are a few pictures:
Mark Reloading

Mark and Gary.
Angie and Jeannie...trying to hit a Dr Pepper can....look out!!

Jeannie & MarkJarred roughing it....playing video games!
Thank you so much Kevin & Wendi for having us!
We love hanging out at Lake Whitney!

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