Saturday, October 31, 2015

halloween 2015

These two had a fun day!  Layla and her nasty teeth...yuck! 

Layla decided to dress up as an emoji!

And Hayden is a Baylor Bear football player!  I loved each of their costumes and think they're perfect for them!

We went to a party in the neighborhood and then Layla went to a party with her friends in another neighborhood.  It's the first year she didn't Trick or Treat with us.   I know she had fun with her friends though!

She came home with TONS of candy.  Gosh, it's crazy and awful.  Candy will drive me crazy y'all!

Hayden wanted to Trick or Treat with a little girl (just a friend) from down the street.  We had a fun time going up and down the streets.  Hayden got enough candy after two streets and he was ready to go home and watch football!

I ordered his costume and he was able to chose his number, so he picked #1 for his favorite Baylor football player.

We got home and he laid down to look at his candy and did a few candy angels.  I laughed so hard!!  He's in bed now and we're waiting for Layla to get home,  Her party ended at 11:00 and she's heading home!  Doesn't that seem late for a 5th grader?  She's been with a group of friends and I know she's had a big time fun Halloween and I'm sure she's as tired as I am! 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

fall camp out in the park

Our neighbors and friends have been talking to us about the fall camp out for months.  Every year in October everyone pops their tents in the park and camps for the night. I lost count of how many tents there were.  It was crazy y'all!!  The kids were so excited!!

I was in awe of all the tents covering the huge grassy park area.  Everyone had tables filled with food and fire pits galore.  The kids went to each tent Trick or Treating and then after dark a movie screen played Casper and we all lit our fire pits.  It was so much fun!  

Gary and I met many more neighbors and it seems like everyone had a fun time.  Our kids got to run wild in a safe environment, so that was good for them and their independence.  

The four of us ended up going to sleep a little after midnight.  I was worried about the sleeping arrangement and getting some shut eye because of the noise.  We were all so tired though that we fell fast asleep.  It was almost like the sound of the other campers talking and moving about was like white noise.  We always camped in our pop-up trailer, so I'm not all that fond of sleeping on the ground!  Ouch!  My back is sore, but maybe next year we'll invest in a few air mattresses.  Funny thing, a man was passing out cards for discount chiropractic care.  He was spot on with that!!  I totally need to visit the chiro after a night on the ground, but it was totally worth it in the end!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

When you want to stick your face in the Halloween candy bowl,

you make a chocolate and peanut butter protein drink instead!

It really did taste like Reese's peanut butter cup!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday was a funday indeed

We had a fun fall Sunday.  We had a fire to end the day and Hayden decided to protect his head with his motorcycle helmet.  His feet, legs and arms are all bare, but the face is all good. LOL!  

Silly silly boy!

We went to the park and the kids took a pretty deflated soccer ball to kick around.  They ended up playing volley ball and Layla screamed out, "pass interference!!"  Oh me oh my, the children are funny today huh?!?

We ran off some much needed energy!  

I'm going backwards in picture order.  We had cheeseburgers for lunch.  We took a drive and were hoping to find a hidden gem of a burger spot on the back roads of Georgia, but we struck out.  We ended up downtown for a late lunch/early dinner.  We tried a cheeseburger place we have been curious about since we moved here.  

Let me start by saying the food was great.  The fries were crispy and the burger was very delicious.  

I was annoyed by the cleanliness of the restaurant though.  The bathroom was a wreck and we had to ask for toilet paper and the teenager we asked was just rude.  I told her bathroom didn't have toilet paper and she said, "ok!"  She kept on doing whatever she was doing.  She wasn't concerned about TP at all.  When we went to order our food., the boy behind the counter was not helpful at all and it was our first time to eat there.  He wasn't in the mood to answer questions about the menu and in his defence it is a cheeseburger, how do you mess that up?  BUT come on, have some personality.  Anyway, the tables were all dirty and Gary and I were just plain ole disappointed.  We had higher expectations ya know. We just need to open a restaurant!  We'd love it!

After we ate our burgers on the patio we headed to the cupcake shop a few shops down the street.  They were out of cupcakes.  LOL!  We pretty much struck out downtown today, but it's all good.  We still had a fun time.    

After sleeping in we started off our day with coffee by our first fire.  We decided to light a fire to warm up because we had a frost warning.  IT was chilly indeed and we loved it.  As you can see below, Daisy loved it too.  She's such a little ham-bone, posing like a movie start princess puppy!

I'm thankful for a fun Sunday with all my people and furry animals.  I don't take a second of life for granted.  I am thankful and I know I am truly blessed!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This is CNN

Layla is a member of her school news program WBOB.  One day a week she gets to report the news to all the classrooms in the school.  I think it's a wonderful program and so far she loves it!  One day she might be producer and another day she is in control of the camera or she is an anchor. 

Today the kids of WBOB got to go on a field trip to CNN headquarters in Atlanta.  How cool is that?!  I was so thrilled for her.  I actually signed up to chaperone, but my name didn't get drawn from the fish bowl.  Darn it!  

They had a great time and got to ride the huge 8 story escalator inside the building. I'm not sure because I wasn't there, but I was told by Layla it is the tallest freestanding escalator.  I'm so glad she got the opportunity to visit the studio and eat Chic Fil A for lunch. She was thrilled about lunch, kinda like her momma, it's all about the food.  What a fun day!

Monday, October 12, 2015

driving range date

While I do get bummed out on some Saturdays when Gary is working, I do appreciate our Mondays together.  If he works on Saturday he will take off on Monday.  Monday the kiddos are at school so this is date day for Gary and I.

We weren't able to get in a full round of golf, so the driving range was a great alternative!  The weather was perfect and just look at those puffy clouds.  

I'm loving golf lately and I'm hoping to master my swing.  I feel like golf is a workout and working out is my therapy, so I loved my golf day date with Gary!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

pumpkin patch photo overload

Sunday we loaded up and drove to the nearest pumpkin patch.  I've been wanting pumpkins for the front porch, so why not make an event of it.

Gary warned the children about me and my camera.  HaHaHa!  They know I love taking pictures!

Look at my little pumpkin heads.  Oh how I love them!

You better believe I bought one of these white pumpkins.  
I just love them and I love that they're flat-ish!

On our way to the corn maze we stumbled upon these three witches.

The kids giggled like crazy when they saw the skeleton in the witches stew pot!

These two are big buddies.  They're so alike it's crazy!  She looks like me, but acts like him!

This guy never stops running and he insisted on leading us through the maze.

Which way?  This way!!

This sweet donkey was very friendly!  .

The chickens were not friendly.  They were making all kinds of noise and they even pecked the finger of a little girl

Don't stick your finger through the cage...duh!  Hayden just talked to them and squawked back.  He's hilarious!

Every pumpkin patch must have a tractor!!

After we loaded all our pumpkins into the Jeep, the kids insisted on riding in the wagon.  You're never too old for a wagon ride. :-)

Of course Hayden ended up with a pumpkin that looks like a butt!  Goodness!

Downtown Woodstock is bursting with fall decor right now.  I went on Friday to get my hair done and I saw all the scarecrows lining the street and I knew I had to take the family downtown to explore!

I love taking a very quick selfie as we cross the train tracks, but the kids were clearly selfied out.  LOL!  

Businesses all built scarecrows as advertisements.  Layla got tons of pictures, but my phone was about to die, so I only took a few shots.  It was fun looking at all the decorations and walking around on a pretty fall Sunday!

Silly little flexible girl.  She wasn't happy with this split, but she hadn't even stretched.

The kiddos couldn't wait to get home to paint their baby pumpkins.  
I think they loved our Sunday!  I know I did!