Sunday, October 11, 2015

pumpkin patch photo overload

Sunday we loaded up and drove to the nearest pumpkin patch.  I've been wanting pumpkins for the front porch, so why not make an event of it.

Gary warned the children about me and my camera.  HaHaHa!  They know I love taking pictures!

Look at my little pumpkin heads.  Oh how I love them!

You better believe I bought one of these white pumpkins.  
I just love them and I love that they're flat-ish!

On our way to the corn maze we stumbled upon these three witches.

The kids giggled like crazy when they saw the skeleton in the witches stew pot!

These two are big buddies.  They're so alike it's crazy!  She looks like me, but acts like him!

This guy never stops running and he insisted on leading us through the maze.

Which way?  This way!!

This sweet donkey was very friendly!  .

The chickens were not friendly.  They were making all kinds of noise and they even pecked the finger of a little girl

Don't stick your finger through the cage...duh!  Hayden just talked to them and squawked back.  He's hilarious!

Every pumpkin patch must have a tractor!!

After we loaded all our pumpkins into the Jeep, the kids insisted on riding in the wagon.  You're never too old for a wagon ride. :-)

Of course Hayden ended up with a pumpkin that looks like a butt!  Goodness!

Downtown Woodstock is bursting with fall decor right now.  I went on Friday to get my hair done and I saw all the scarecrows lining the street and I knew I had to take the family downtown to explore!

I love taking a very quick selfie as we cross the train tracks, but the kids were clearly selfied out.  LOL!  

Businesses all built scarecrows as advertisements.  Layla got tons of pictures, but my phone was about to die, so I only took a few shots.  It was fun looking at all the decorations and walking around on a pretty fall Sunday!

Silly little flexible girl.  She wasn't happy with this split, but she hadn't even stretched.

The kiddos couldn't wait to get home to paint their baby pumpkins.  
I think they loved our Sunday!  I know I did!

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