Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This is CNN

Layla is a member of her school news program WBOB.  One day a week she gets to report the news to all the classrooms in the school.  I think it's a wonderful program and so far she loves it!  One day she might be producer and another day she is in control of the camera or she is an anchor. 

Today the kids of WBOB got to go on a field trip to CNN headquarters in Atlanta.  How cool is that?!  I was so thrilled for her.  I actually signed up to chaperone, but my name didn't get drawn from the fish bowl.  Darn it!  

They had a great time and got to ride the huge 8 story escalator inside the building. I'm not sure because I wasn't there, but I was told by Layla it is the tallest freestanding escalator.  I'm so glad she got the opportunity to visit the studio and eat Chic Fil A for lunch. She was thrilled about lunch, kinda like her momma, it's all about the food.  What a fun day!

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