Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a super fun Halloween!

The kids are at fun ages!  
The anticipation of trick or treating was almost too much for them.  
Oh it was torture :)

We trick or treated with fun friends.  All five of these kiddos ran the entire time!  Hayden was a bit slow, but that is due to no nap and a busy day at school.

We started our morning drinking out of our pumpkin cups.

Layla looked festive for school.  
They weren't allowed to wear their costumes, but we decided to be somewhat in the Halloween spirit. 

Hayden had a fun Halloween party at school.  He did great decorating his cookie.  

He said it was delicious.  This was around noon and he asked for candy every second after he at a cupcake and a cookie.  Sheeesh!  The sugar high!

My sweet Repunzel...she went a little nuts and I captured it on camera!

She was like a rock star dancing and acting silly!

Sweet friends!

Between every house the kids would stop and do a candy inventory!

Sweet boys!

We had so much fun!  We are so thankful for a fun neighborhood to trick or treat in safely!

When the trick or treating was done we passed our candy after our baths.  
The kids had just as much fun giving candy as they did getting it!

Oh the loot.  Sigh.  WAY too much sugar, but it is so fun to be a kid,
 and we brushed our teeth EXTRA long tonight.

I hope you all had a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

it really is all about the pumpkins

This weekend was fast and furious...we were busy every second.  Tomorrow will be just the same!  
This time of year gets so wild and crazy and I can't help but LOVE it!

We made time to carve our pumpkins.

I have to say I didn't carve a thing.  If it weren't for Gary the pumpkins wouldn't get carved.  I am terrified I'll cut my arm off if I even dared carve a pumpkin.  So he is the carver in our house and the kids love him for it!

Hayden's pumpkin.

Layla's pumpkin.

Two super excited kids!

Hayden is so stinkin' excited about trick or treating tomorrow.  He could hardly go to sleep tonight.  I love seeing the joy in the kids I said, this time of year ROCKS!

I'll be back Monday night with an update and pictures from our very busy Halloween day!

Friday, October 28, 2011

patch o punkins

Our little family had a fun trip to the pumpkin patch!

They don't look happy to be there, but I promise they were!

My sweet little scarecrow!

Hayden's face makes me giggle.  I know I have said it before, but he makes the funniest faces lately.  He is so expressive and funny!

Layla just had to pose with Jessie...

and of course Hayden with Buzz, his BFF!

Hhmmmm....which one do we want?

This one?

Or this one?

My people....I love them!

Layla was very curious about the insides of this pumpkin!  She is my little scientist.

Hayden's favorite activity at the patch was to see how fast he could run.


He finally picked his pumpkin!

So that was our family pumpkin patch trip for 2011!