Monday, October 10, 2011

all about pumpkins

Our weekend was pretty much pumpkin themed and I didn't even realize it until I uploaded all these photos just now!

Friday morning Hayden and I made pumpkin muffins.  Hayden was SUCH a great helper!  He counted the eggs as we cracked them, measured the flour and sugar and of course licked the beaters.

I put cream cheese in the middle of the muffins, but I didn't add enough, so the cream cheese part was kindof a fail. The muffins were still really good though!

I didn't really get a great picture of the pumpkin muffins.  I guess it was because I was EATING them.  So after we stuffed our faces with muffins we headed to a small pumpkin patch near our house.  

Layla got out of school early on Friday so we thought it would be a great time to hit the patch!

Honestly we weren't feeling super 'pumpkin patchy' because it was like 90 degrees.

I love these little cheesers!

My sweet girl.

Hayden makes the funniest faces right now.  I'm always laughing about how expressive he has become over the last few weeks.  He has also started talking really fast and I have to listen really hard or I can't catch what he is saying.  Whew!  He is a chatty little dude lately.

Saturday morning we got up early to take part in our community garage sale.  Our neighborhood has a garage sale twice a year and the streets turn into a mad house of people.  It is the wildest thing.  People can't drive, they are craning their necks to see all the junk on peoples driveways.  Hide yo kids fo so!   We always have stuff we need to sell, so we made a quick few bucks and headed to Layla's soccer game.

In my opinion it didn't really seem like Layla was too interested in the soccer game.  She has an adult tooth coming in on the bottom.  She hasn't lost any teeth yet, but two of her bottom teeth are SUPER loose right now obviously making room for the tooth that already broke the skin. I tell you what these kids get all these dang teeth just to turn right around and lose them and get more! 

 I was cringing when she was jiggling her teeth with dirty fingers on the soccer field.  I have turned into a germaphobe.  Yuck!

During the times Layla was paying attention to the game she played great.  They last time we played the team we played on Saturday we lost BIG time.  

We did lose on Saturday, but not near as bad!  Our "Flower Power" team is getting much better!!

Sunday after church the kids and dogs splashed in the backyard water puddles.  
They had so much fun and we are so thankful for the rain!

After everyone got baths the kids warmed up with hot chocolate and colored marshmallows!

We ate leftover chili all day and so none of us were very hungry for dinner.  I made pumpkin pie because the kids requested it, so we had pie for dinner. 

Layla saw the Fritos on the kitchen counter.  We eat Fritos in our chili!  She asked if she could have a few and before we knew it she was dipping her Fritos into her pumpkin pie.  Oh my gosh.  It was too funny!  I should have tried it, but I didn't. 
After our super healthy dinner {haha! mom of the year over here} we all decided to watch a movie. Cheaper by the Dozen is what we finally agreed on.  Let me just say, I'm thankful for my two kiddos after watching a house full of 12 kids run wild.
Today is a school holiday and we are super excited to get to hang out as a family another day!  
YAY for a three day weekend.  Well almost four since Layla got out of school early on Friday.

Did you have a good weekend?  What did you do?


Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...


i wish we lived closer...i so want to hang out and be ur do this fall thing right!

Kelli said...

We are slacking in our pumpkin making...we haven't done anything. I had to laugh about Layla wiggling her tooth because I would have cringed I've never seen colored marshmallows...cute :) Yeah for a day off. Jamison had school yesterday, but I was off and it was very nice. We went to a farm for a hay ride on Sunday and had a pretty good time.

Jamie Lynn said...

Hi! I just gave you the "Versatile Award" on my blog! Come on over and check it out! Love the pumpkin pictures!

Kelli W said...

It is so hard to get in the pumpkin mood when it still feels like summer outside! I bought a few fake pumpkins, but we haven't bought any real ones or made anything with pumpkin in it this year!