Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our October weekend

I am sad to say these are the only pictures I took of the airshow this weekend because it was cancelled on  Sunday.  :(  Every year we go to the airshow near our house on Sunday.  Apparently last night we had thunderstorms and they drenched the area. The parking lots were all closed due to the mud.  I didn't hear a single storm and neither did Gary.  Oh well, we are ALL very sad.   Hayden and Layla were so excited to see all the fun planes up close.  I was excited to be able to take some fun pictures.  

well, there is always next year.

So ... as it turned out the only pictures I got were taken in our backyard on Friday during their practice run!  Hayden was so excited to wear his ear protectors this year.  He wore them Friday and I guess we can save them for next year!  

I think he needs to adjust them a tad.  They seem to be protecting his cheeks!  He insists on doing everything himself.  He is Mr. Independent.  Oh how I love this silly little man.

Layla's first soccer season is coming to a close.  She has two more games.  While I am excited to have our weekends back I am sad to see the season end.  I really think she has LOVED playing soccer.  She even mentioned she wants to play in the springtime.  

Saturday night we had a fun night with Gary's sister and our neighbors.  We watched the Rangers play in the World Series on TV and Gary grilled homemade burgers.  Sometimes a homemade burger just hits the spot!   I'm glad the food was good because the game was terrible.  Sadly, our Rangers choked, but there is tonight!  Tonight is game #4!!

My sweet girl!  I just love her.  She has been working on losing her second tooth and she is trying to get rid of these training wheels.  She needs to slow down.  I can't have her growing up so fast.  BUT I have to say each phase is more fun.  I just love Layla's heart and what a sweet girl she is growing into.

Sunday afternoon turned into nap time for the entire family.  Sadly the dogs are the only ones to actually get a good nap.  The kids didn't sleep a wink, why do they fight sleep so bad?   I slept about 3 minutes and Gary slept about 4 whole minutes.  It is safe to say we are ordering up an early bedtime!

I hope you had a great weekend!


Katie said...

The boys are the only ones that got Sunday naps around here - I tried but laid there for an hour not able to fall asleep - therefore it's been a movie afternoon and easy dinner over here because I'm tired!

Kelli said...

I am SO sorry to hear about the air show. After all that time with no rain it's wild that rain is what stopped it. Next year :) I love a grilled hamburger and I think we're actually having those this week. We didn't get our nap this weekend so it might be early bedtimes all week. That's such a sweet picture of Miss Daisy :)