Sunday, October 9, 2011


Last night around 5:00 pm while the kids were playing outside a cold front blew in and sent cooler temperatures and tons of rain!!!!  The temperatures dropped about 15 degrees and it rained a slow and steady rain all  night long.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know we are in a serious drought here in Texas and we need rain badly!  I am so happy we are getting the rain we have been needing.

Bogey and the other dogs were wondering what the stuff was falling from the sky.  Daisy got soaking wet and was walking as if she were melting!  It was so funny to see her all wet and shaggy!  She got a bath right after her outdoor play.

Heehee!  She looks like a drowned rat...she was not a happy camper.

These silly kids got baths after their splash party too.  They LOVED playing in the puddles.

Yahooooo for our much needed rain!!!!


Katie said...

We got rain last night too - it stormed so loud it woke me up and kept me awake but thankfully the kids slept through it. They were so excited to go splash in the puddles after Church as well. Lots of fun to be had splashing in puddles!

Todd and Courtney said...

Im sooooo glad ya'll got rain finally. It's so needed. I love the puddle pictures. You are such a fun mom!

Kelli said...

I am thrilled that y'all got rain! Those are fun pictures.

Traci said...


Katie said...

Lucky ducks!! Love the pictures - too cute!