Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Puppy

Friday was a very busy day for us.  It is a day for the scrapbook for sure!
Since I didn't get to blog about our news on Friday I will share today.

  We have a new family member for me to take photos of....

This is Daisy Mae!

We rescued Daisy from a no kill animal shelter across town.

Layla and I have been wanting a small dog for several months. It isn't in our budget to pay a ton of money for a dog and we feel very strongly about rescuing dogs from the shelter. I have been looking online at  Friday morning while looking online I found little miss Daisy.  She was a stray and was in a city shelter.  Sadly, no one claimed her so they transferred her to Operation Kindness.  While at Operation Kindness she had a medical exam, got all her necessary shots and was spayed.  This all happened in a five day period and she was adoptable on Friday.  Whew...busy life for a little 6 month old puppy.  She weighs about 8.6 pounds and she is the sweetest pumpkin ever.  She is potty trained as far as we can tell.

I was very nervous to introduce Daisy to Harley. Harley is 12 years old and very grouchy.  Daisy and Harley get along just fine.  They touched noses and that was all.  They don't hang out together at all and that is fine with us.  Harley watches Daisy but doesn't really care to interact with her.  So that went well!

Introducing Bogey and Daisy was a mess.  Whooa! I didn't think their introduction would be as stressful as it was.  I thought Bogey was going to have a freak attack.  He turned into a crazy dog.  Daisy was so scared.  Poor thing.  Bogey wasn't going to hurt her, but he just wanted to play.  He is around 50 pounds and she is tiny!  After 15 stressful minutes all was well and they started warming up to one another.  He still nudges her and wants to play with her all the time, but she is a pistol and puts him in his place.

That is what is up with us.  That and soccer.  And yes I realize most of you think we have lost our minds for getting anther puppy, but whatever ....we are so happy and she is a perfect fit for our family.  


Anonymous said...

She's adorable and I think it's wonderful that you got Miss Daisy!!! I love a good story that involves getting a pet from a shelter. I'm sure you will have many stories to tell over the next few months!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

omgosh she is precious. 3 dogs? i guess that's like me and kids haha

Lauren said...

Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!! :)

Kelli said...

She's a cutie! I'm sure she'll fit in just fine :)

Traci said...

Daisy's a lucky little pup to have found y'all!

Katie said...

She is a little cutie!

ashleigh said...

my dogs name is bogey tooo!! =]]