Friday, April 29, 2011

a Friday funny

When we got Bogey I had forgotten just how funny puppies are.  Our whole family thinks Bogey is hysterical!
He is always doing something funny, like these photos.

He is outside, laying on the patio, smushing his teeth on the glass while staring at us inside. Weird.

Excuse the dirty window.  It is impossible to keep it clean, and you can see why!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

randomness on Thursday

I am craving cupcakes.  I want one now!  I had a few cake pops last weekend, but other than that I really haven't had anything sweet in a long time.  I think it is time for a reward.

I have a stack of magazines I really need to read.  I have pretty much stopped getting subscriptions because I have zero time to read them.  I hate this because typically I love to read.

I really miss our dog Callaway.  He died last November.
I updated my header and I feel really bad about it.  I added Bogey's little face and took Cal's down.  It was a hard thing to do, but I think it was time.

I can't wait until summertime and pool time.  I love taking the kids to the pool.  I can't wait to make tons of fun memories this summer!

I am addicted to The Young and the Restless.  I am so scared it will be gone one day.  So many soap operas have been cancelled.  I will not be a happy camper if this happens. Long live Y&R! Yes, I know I am a nerd. I have come to terms with it :)

I love my little green steam cleaner. I got it several months ago and it works wonderfully!  I told you guys I'd let you know if I like it, and I do.  Go get yourself one!

Remember when Layla got her ears pierced? This picture breaks my heart every time I see it.  It  hasn't quite been a year.  She was so terrified when I'd take them out to clean them.  She screamed and yelled like someone was burning her with fire.  Well, she has overcome her fear, and we change her earrings several times a week now!  YAY!!!

I am craving a BLT, but I am off bacon.  Yep, not buying it at all right now. That is all I am saying about that...tear.sniff.

While I am sad about leaving my husband and kids for a bit....I am so stinkin' excited about a fun blog meetup this weekend!  I can't wait to meet so many bloggers I have been friends with for years!  I hope to take tons of pictures :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

spring storms

Spring weather here in Texas freaks me out. Most people I know love storms and thunder and lightening. I am such a scaredy cat especially when it comes to wind and tornadoes.  

Every single day this week we have had some form of severe weather.  Two weekends ago our fence blew over.  This past weekend our next door neighbor's tree broke in half. Seriously, I am so afraid when the wind picks up.  Sunday night it hailed at 3am and it was so stinkin' loud. But it passed so quickly.  Monday afternoon the wind picked up and I flipped on the TV to a local channel.  Sure enough severe weather was all upon us.  Luckily all the damaging wind passed over us and we just got a good soaking rain.  

It was awesome because we need the rain!

Hayden wanted to play in the puddles so bad!  He has had a stuffy nose, so I was a bit worried about letting him play in the water.  It is still April, and I think it is still a bit to cold for water play. 

 But I caved.  Hayden and Bogey had a great time.  

Bogey was so frisky.  I laughed so hard at these two boys.  
 They were chasing one another splashing like crazy!

Look at Bogey jumping in this picture.  Hayden is flinching.
They never once ran into each other though.  It was funny to watch! 
 Every time there was a near miss I gasped.

Layla was at gymnastics, but she got to play and splash when she got home.  

I'm not sure why, but she decided to roll in the mud puddles. 

Thankfully this is an old outside play dress.  I don't think it will ever be the same...haha!

I think she is doing push-ups!  Bless her heart, by the time she got home most of the water had dried.

Even though the kids were nasty, dirty and covered in mud and grass, they had a fun time.  I'm glad we could enjoy a part of the spring storms that usually leave me scared! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

The play-by-play of our Easter day

Yesterday was a fun day for us!

The Easter bunny came and dropped off the kids candy and shoes.
The Easter bunny was very practical around here this year :)

Layla was so impressed that the Easter bunny knew her shoe size!!

Hayden loves his new shoes.  They are similar to a pair of shoes Gary wears, so Hayden thinks he is big stuff!

The kids had a healthy breakfast of peeps.  Hayden got a tool belt and tools in his Easter basket. It came with goggles, so here he is sporting his goggles munching on a peep.  Peeps are so gross.

Target had these adorable carrots filled with Reese's pieces.  I couldn't resist putting them in the kids baskets!

We took a few Easter family pictures.  I posted the one of the four of us here.  
This is a silly one of the kids being wild and giggling.


After the church service the kids gathered for an Easter egg hunt.  IT was so cute to see all the little 2 year olds hunting eggs.  Hayden just stood there pointing at them.  Finally, he got the idea.  I laughed so hard!!

Put them in your basket buddy!!

Layla's age group had to hunt eggs in taller grass.  She loved hunting eggs with two of her best friends.

All the little girls at church looked like little princesses in their gorgeous Easter dresses. 

The church service yesterday was amazing.  I have to say the church we attended is so different than what both Gary and I are used to.  BUT we have grown to love it.  Yesterday the message hit home for me and I was all teary eyed during most of the service. 

When we got home from church Hayden sat right down in the entryway and started eating candy from his eggs.  He couldn't shovel it in fast enough!


After church we had friends over for the afternoon.

Hayden, Layla and Ava played so well together. They are so funny and wild.  
I think they had a super fun time.

We had a yummy lunch. They kids enjoyed their black olives.

On the menu:  ribs, green bean casserole, homemade mac and cheese and rolls.

And of course we had deviled eggs.

We also had cake balls. Oh my word...they were so delicious!  I could have eaten the whole batch.  Gary took a picture of me eating one, but it was way to silly to post on my blog. 

Aaron and Ashley
I can't say enough how awesome these two people are.

Every time we hang out it is so fun.  We all four laugh and cackle like crazy.  Gary and Aaron tell the funniest stories.  It is greatness.  I love them so much!

And like I said earlier, the kids get along great.  They had tons of fun hunting eggs in the backyard.  They had even more fun dog piling one another on the trampoline.  I was worried they were being too rough with one another, but the harder they tackled each other the louder the laughs became.

Ava and Hayden found all the eggs they wanted and piled into the Jeep.  I think they were trying to make a fast getaway...haha!

It was very humid yesterday and the kids wanted to go into the house to look through their eggs.  They went in and sat right down in the door way.  Really?  Us adults could barely get in the door.

The aftermath.  The girls grabbed their loot and ran leaving Hayden alone in the rubble.

All three of them were so tired.  Here they are resting watching The Wizard of Oz. 
 They are so cute and snuggly!

I had to post a picture of Ashley and I. We are always behind the camera, so I insisted that we get a picture together!  She is such a great friend...I am so blessed!


Layla and Hayden were worn out from the day.  Layla was one tired chica yesterday afternoon.  She was so grouchy, but she went to bed at 6:30 last night.  I know that is early for a 5 1/2 year old, but we didn't hear a peep out of them after we shut their doors.  The action of the day wore them out!!

I hope you had a fun time celebrating Easter weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Plucker

The kids and I did a bit of gardening this morning.
It was more like me planting flowers and the kids spraying one another with the water hose.

Layla and Hayden accompanied me to The Home Depot to pick out perennials.  Hayden picked his favorite color yellow flowers. And Layla picked out pink daisies.  They had already bloomed and they were so pretty for Easter.

But if you look closely, there are no blooms.  Hhummm. I wonder why??

Someone picked them 2.5 seconds after I got them planted. I'll give you one guess who plucked them.

Gotta love him!