Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday in all it's glory

Today was a Monday for sure.  I am worn out. 

Last night the wind and rain kept us up most of the night.  It was so bad, Layla woke up terrified and got in bed with us.  She isn't the calmest sleeper, between her and the rest of the storm it was a long night.  I'm sure I have never heard the wind blowing that hard my entire life.  I was just as scared as Layla.  Isn't it funny when you are scared you lay as still as possible?  As if that is going to make the wind stop blowing 70 mph.

It was just a weird day for me.  I was in a blah mood.  Have you ever had a blah day?  Not a bad day, and not a good day, just a blah day. 

I was starving all day long.  Weight Watchers is making me mad and irritable.  I think not, I think I just wanted to eat everything in site today.  I like to make excuses and blame WW for my grumpiness.

I went through all of Hayden's clothes.  I was hoping it would take 20-30 minutes and it took me all morning long.  That boy has TONS of clothes, but I managed to get rid of his old stuff and move the winter stuff out of his room for now.  Bring on spring and summer weather and a wardrobe to match!

I went to Target and shopped for the necessities and it was still over $100.00.  Every time I go to the store it is $100.  Gary and I just laugh when the clerk tells us the total.  Diapers are going to be the death of our checking account.  I need to start clipping coupons like the ladies I have seen on Extreme Couponing.  Have you seen that show?  Those people go to the grocery store and buy $500 worth of stuff for $5.00.  That is NUTS!  I am jealous, but I don't want to stock pile stuff like they do.

I picked the kids up from school and headed to Layla's gymnastics class.  We were sitting in the waiting/viewing area and Hayden pooped his pants. Uggh!  I changed him in the car and went to the bathroom to wash my hands.  Hayden and I went into the unisex bathroom behind a little boy.  He pee peed on the seat.  That is so disgusting.  I am really a clean freak and I have a very hard time with dirty bathrooms.  I hope I can stress to Hayden how gross being nasty is.  That little boy left a mess for a little gymnast to sit on.  Had I not been in the bathroom, someone else may have sat in that.  YUCK!!!! 

Tonight dinner and baths and bedtime = brutal!!

Hayden never eats.  I am quite sure he will shrivel up and float away.  He makes a mess and puts his food into his drink and plays.  I just took him away from the table tonight, bathed him and put him to bed.  He is such a mess right now.  He is trying to become an independent 2 1/2 year old, but doesn't know how.

I know, taking pictures of him really helps the behavior right?!

Anyway I am so happy to have both munchkins tucked into bed.  I love my kids and this stay at home mom gig, but whew!  This evening  I know all of you can relate to wild and crazy days of some sort or another.

Our menu for the week... 
Veggie pasta bake & cheddar garlic biscuits

This was so delicious!  I pretty much just threw a ton of veggies into a saute pan and then added pasta sauce and penne pasta.  I topped it with cheese and threw it in the oven.  It was mighty tasty for a veggie casserole.  Maybe I'll post the recipe soon.

Egg pie & pancakes


Red top Rounds{mini meatloaves} and baked hate potatoes, so they will  have carrots.


Honey mustard chicken, baked bean and a veggie  **new recipe

Tomorrow is one of Hayden's last few swimming lessons.  I hope it goes well.  We will decide in the next few lessons if we should move forward.

So, that is all I have tonight.  I am heading to bed to get some much needed rest!


Todd and Courtney said...

I have those days too :( Lauren and Hayden could be BFF. Lauren loves to put things in her cups and not eat. It drives me nutso. 2 1/2 is such a sweet, fun, crazy, independent stage for sure.

Jill said...

Girl, I had the same kinda day you did. Maybe there's something weird in the atmosphere. ;-) My daughter had me up late last night, too. I actually LOVE storms...the stronger the better. I know, I'm not normal. HA! I've been wanting to watch that Extreme Couponing show. I don't think I could do it, but I sure wish I could. I'm so glad you're posting dinner ideas and recipes! I'm so sick of everything I fix and I love getting ideas for something new. Hope you have a better night!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I have plenty of those days girl. Make them stop!

BG is already becoming a picky, independent one year old. Her newest thing is throwing her entire plate of food off the high chair and eating nothing. She's killing me.

Britni said...

Today was a pretty blah day for me to! Hope tomorrow is better! And I really need to get back on WW! I am sure you are doing great although I'm still now sure why you are trying to loose weight!!

LeAnna said...

Ahhh, been there! 2 1/2 year olds are tough stuff, if I do say so myself. All of your recipes sound good!

Kelli W said...

I have blah days all the time! Not really bad just not the greatest either. Eli is getting to that independent stage can be annoying sometimes:) Your veggie bake looks good though I don't think I could talk my boys into it...they don't like hidden veggies. Oh and mine won't eat potatoes unless they are french fries!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make egg pie tonight.. thanks for sharing!
I wish i be an extreme couponer... I honestly don't see how that is possible though!

Traci said...

I have blah days all the time. It usually helps to either take a nap or go buy myself something. Not the greatest options but whatever works right? We kept my 2 yr old nephew Sunday & good grief he wants to do EVERYTHING himself! Lord help me when I tried to take something away from him. "MINE"!!! I decided since I'm just the aunt he can do whatever he wants at my house! HAHA!