Sunday, April 10, 2011

our weekend

We had a fun camping adventure this weekend.

The four of us camped at Lake Whitney because it is near Waco.  I had a lunch date planned on Saturday with some of my high school besties.

Friday night we arrived and explored the area.

We found a perfect camp site.

We walked down to the boat dock only to find the lake water level so low it was unbelievable.

We scoped out a beach area for some fishing they had planned on Saturday while I was gone.

We had an evening snack and sat around talking and giggling into the night.

We got up early Saturday morning to fish and look for shells and skip rocks.

Layla is obsessed with finding the perfect rock to skip.
Did you do that when you were a kid?


Mid morning I left the fam and headed to my favorite Mexican food place in Waco...Ninfa's.

I feel so blessed to get together with these ladies once or twice a year.  I have known them since kindergarten.  I don't know many people who can say they have known friends that long.  I love these ladies and am so thankful for them. 

We also got to see Vickie. 
She is the sweetest lady ever and I am so happy I got to see her and hug her neck. 

I made it back to the campsite by dinner time. 
Just in time for me to take more pictures.  I love to take pictures of blue bonnets.

Sadly I didn't find any large patches of bluebonnets to plop the kids down in.

We packed up on Sunday morning and headed north.  It was a fun weekend and I see many more weekends of camping in our future.  Hopefully, we will see bluebonnets soon!


LeAnna said...

Awww, that looked like a blast! Good girlfriends are rare, so ya gotta hold on to 'em! What a blessing to still have so many childhood friends!

Kelli said...

What a nice weekend! I love childhood friends...most of my best friends are from elementary-HS. Ooh, and Mexican...nice!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

What a delightful weekend! I have long-time girlfriends, so I totally get it! Sweet lake time too. I love the pic of G with the kids silhouetted against the lake.

Lauren said...

How fun Angie!!!!! My Dad lives in TX!!!! He used to have a home on Lake Whitney, and I went to go visit him a few years ago!!!! Love it, such a beautiful area! He has since moved but not too far, just not on the lake anymore :(

Anonymous said...

We will be in Texas this summer for my sisters wedding. I have only been there once before to Houston. I love that you got together with your girlfriends!! It is awesome you all have known each other that long.

Katie said...

It looks like you had a great weekend! So much fun!

Traci said...

What a fun weekend! I just love dinner or lunch with the girls.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

what a fun weekend! family time & girls time! perfect! I wish we had blue bonnets here in california...they are so pretty!!!

Kelli W said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend. All your fun camping trips make me want to get a camper, and I'm really not the camper kind of person:)

Jillian said...

I'm so jealous!! I love to camp!! Can't wait till we can all go as a family!! So much fun!!

Carrie said...

That sounded like a wonderful weekend! The kids are so cute! We used to camp when I was a kid...but I don't think our kids will ever get those memories...Dan's not a camper, ha! Great memories and how fun to spend some time with your good friends too! So fun!