Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what do you think about that?

*meatloaf doesn't taste the same without bell peppers

*Bogey's crate is in our living room and it drives me crazy. it is an eyesore.

*if we raise our voices to discipline Hayden he couldn't care less.

*Layla walks around our house morning noon and night singing. she makes up songs.

*I really want an ottoman for my polka dot chair in the living room.

*Harley is fluffy like a cat and she is starting to shed her winter coat. my house is hairy.

*I am looking forward to this weekend. Layla is the flower girl at some of our best friends wedding.

*eyebrows are weird to me. some are thick like caterpillars, some are thin like pencils.

*I feel sorry for insecure people and their actions.

*the soap dispenser in my bathroom beside my sink doesn't work. I won't throw it away because then my bathroom wouldn't be symmetrical.

*I have been getting annoyed with facebook lately. it is full of weirdness.

*I love watching The Deadliest Catch, but it drives me crazy that they all smoke so much. gag!

*some of my favorite blog/twitter girls are having dinner tonight and I am so sad because I am missing it.

*there is no substitute for real butter. I love it so much. nothing even compares, but butter is so fattening.

*I know a lot of people that have different opinions than I do, but I still love them just the same.

*Hayden handed me one of Harley's eye boogers today.  he reached down and grabbed it off her eye and handed it to me.  I was so grossed out.

*I really must dry my lettuce leaves in towels before I cut them into a salad.  Wet lettuce is nasty.

*Gary and I recently did a health analysis to save money on our health insurance.  The results came back a few days ago.  I am 98% healthy.

*I can't wear a watch, ring, earrings, a bracelet and a necklace all at the same time. it is too much for me.

*I think athletics in schools is very important. any talk of not having athletics makes me want to vomit.


Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

All of this is exactly why I love your blog.

Leah said...

I am totally the same about soap pumps! I have to have symmetry. Or I go nuts.

And facebook is rather crazy lately. Major.

And why on earth would they take athletics out of schools? Major No No.

LeAnna said...

I will heartily amen you on much of this, particularly #9......

thejavamama said...

Wow I am impressed you thought of all this stuff and I learned a lot about you! I missed you tonight Angie too :( We shall get together soon girlie. I need to be more pro-active about getting together and things like that! And I like your comment about eyebrows! ha..ha.. :P

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ohh Layla and I have a lot in common! I bust out in random singing shenanigans daily! It's been "my thing" since I was a little girl! :)

And I'm with you on all the jewelry at once ... especially necklaces and earrings (mainly dangly earrings) - I can't do it all together!!!

Unknown said...

yeah...john daniel couldn't care less if we raise our voice to him. his response is...ok, i be nice. ha!

and no physical activity/sports in school...what the???

thats insane.

p.e. and lunch were my favorite things about school.

Kelli said...

I agree, meatloaf is not the same without bell peppers. Jamison and Layla should form a group...she does the same thing. I'm not on FB lately because so many people talk about stomach flu and that makes me nervous...I have a fear of vomit. Butter...nothing better and there is no substitute. Look at you all super healthy...see, who needs to cut out butter :)

Lyryn said...

Amen to the butter thing! THERE ISN'T!!

Kelli W said...

I deleted my facebook account about a month ago because it was just driving me crazy! There are so hateful people out there who say and do things on facebook that they would probably never do in real life! I had to laugh at your bathroom soap dispenser because I am the same way about stuff:) And yummo to real butter. I only use realy butter when I bake!

shortmama said...

Meatloaf makes me want to vomit....when I was a kid it was something my mom always made but she never made a good one!

Katie said...

Facebook is getting retarded. I usually click out of it like 3 minutes after logging in out of annoyance.

Want to know something random about me? I can't get just one hand wet. I have to wash them both even if only one was dirty. Your night is now complete by knowing that piece of knowledge! :]