Saturday, September 24, 2016

Football time in Texas

We finally made it to a Midway home football game!  

The first Midway game of the season it rained and the second game Hayden was feeling awful, so we finally went to a home game last night. As a member of the Panther Pack, Hayden got to run onto the field before the football players run out.  He was feeling shy about it, but he did great!  

Layla participated in a Goal Tenders dance clinic a few weekends ago and she got to perform with them before the game.  It was a fun and busy night with kid activities.  I loved being at the game because I just love Friday night football.  As a little kid before I was a cheerleader or in the band I attended football games.  Layla had fun last night just as I did when I as a little girl because she got to hang out with her buddies. 

I'm thrilled to work for and send my kiddos to such a great school district.  I'm looking forward to many more fun Friday evenings under the bright Friday night lights.  I hope to head to my high school too for a game or two!  #Cubforlife

Thursday, September 22, 2016

two games down!

We've been practicing baseball and now it is time for the games to begin.  Since it's fall baseball there will be no more practice and only games.  Two games a week every week for a month.  

This week we won both games!!!  

It is so fun to watch these boys play.  I'm so proud of Hayden.  I know he is tired after school.  It was to be tough to focus all day long and then go to baseball and focus on that too.  

We are loving watching him and now I am just hoping for more fall like weather so we can enjoy the games without sweating.  It's this time of the year in Texas that I'm ready for FALL!

Monday, September 12, 2016

16 years today

Gary and I met in 1996.  I started working at EyeMasters in fall of 1995 while I was going to MCC.  He applied at EyeMasters in March of '96 while he was going to Baylor.  He needed a part-time job to pay for Baylor and back then selling eyeglasses was decent part-time money.  Can you see him selling eyewear?  If you know Gary he can sell anything to anyone. ;)  Even though we knew each other for months, and were dating other people we really didn't hang out until November of '96. 

 Once we started hanging out we ended up being best friends.  Seriously for years we tried to fool ourselves and our friends by telling everyone we were just friends.  I think everyone else knew better, but heck, aren't you supposed to marry your best friend?

He sent me flowers at work since I have a j.o.b now.  
I love them and they are a perfect fall arrangement.

20 years later we celebrate 16 years of marriage.   2 kids, 5 dogs, lived in 4 different states and in 12 different houses.  We've had good times and bad times... cooked and eaten many good and bad meals.  It's been an amazing adventure and I am blessed to call this man of mine, mine!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Friday Night Lights!

Last night we took the kids to their first Baylor football game!  McLane stadium was so awesome!  We all had a wonderful time even though we were tired from a week of school activities.  

The band was fun to watch before the game started.

We loved watching the Baylor Line run in too!

Baylor won and we all had a blast!  Sic'em Bears!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

fall ball

Hayden has been waiting since March to play baseball again and tonight was the night!  He started fall baseball and he was so excited.  

He looked good out there and I think it will be a great fall season.  Fall baseball is pretty low key and that is great because Hayden needs to work on skills before spring.  If he chooses to play in the springtime I've heard it's pretty intense.

  I'm ready for some cooler temps though.  It's pretty steamy out there in the evenings.  We have four practices and then games begin.  I'll be back with more baseball news soon!