Monday, September 12, 2016

16 years today

Gary and I met in 1996.  I started working at EyeMasters in fall of 1995 while I was going to MCC.  He applied at EyeMasters in March of '96 while he was going to Baylor.  He needed a part-time job to pay for Baylor and back then selling eyeglasses was decent part-time money.  Can you see him selling eyewear?  If you know Gary he can sell anything to anyone. ;)  Even though we knew each other for months, and were dating other people we really didn't hang out until November of '96. 

 Once we started hanging out we ended up being best friends.  Seriously for years we tried to fool ourselves and our friends by telling everyone we were just friends.  I think everyone else knew better, but heck, aren't you supposed to marry your best friend?

He sent me flowers at work since I have a j.o.b now.  
I love them and they are a perfect fall arrangement.

20 years later we celebrate 16 years of marriage.   2 kids, 5 dogs, lived in 4 different states and in 12 different houses.  We've had good times and bad times... cooked and eaten many good and bad meals.  It's been an amazing adventure and I am blessed to call this man of mine, mine!

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