Friday, October 7, 2011

My three dogs!

Today at Kelly's Korner she is hostessing Show Us Your Life, Show us your Pets.  
You guys know me...I am a huge pet lover, so I decided to play along.

My fur babies have always been important to me.  
All of the dogs we have we have rescued from animal shelters.  
They are all the sweetest dogs!

Harley is about to be 12 years old.  She is the sweetest pup. She is some sort of cow dog.  When we adopted her the shelter said she was a terrier mix.  They also told us she would be around 15 pounds, boy were they wrong.  She is 40 pounds and hairy like a cat!   She is a worker breed and all she cares about is making us happy!  She runs the fence line in the backyard protecting us from all the walkers in the neighborhood.  She is known for her grouchy attitude and large ears.  She is all business :)

This is Bogey as our boy puppy.  He turns 1 year old this month. Bogey's mom was there when we adopted him. She is an Australian Sheppard.  His father is a Boxer.  Right now Bogey weighs about 50 pounds.  He is a playful pup and is always making us laugh.  The kids love him so much.   

He is big and silly!

Bogey and Hayden are best buddies!!!

Here is a recent picture of Bogey with our newest puppy Daisy Mae.

We got Daisy Mae one week ago.  She is a Yorkie mix.  We adopted her from an animal shelter also.  She was a stray.   She is such a good puppy!  I am sure her old family misses her very much because she is so so so sweet.  She is around 7-8 months old and weighs about 9 pounds.  I can't get over how good and sweet she is!  Even though we have only had her for one week, she fits into our family perfectly.

I have never had a dog that will actually wear clothes.  Daisy will and she loves her little shirt.  
On the back it says, "I know I am fabulous."  She is a little sass pot for sure!

I can't post about the rest of our pets and not mention our first fur baby.  Callaway was our first dog ever.  We got him in 1997.  He was the sweetest dog and sadly he died November of last year.  I can't believe he has been gone almost 1 year.  He too was a mixed breed dog!  We love and miss him so much.

I can't wait to visit Kelly's Korner to read about other families and their pets!  

Our pets are such a blessing to our lives and I can't imagine life without them.  When our kids were younger our pets demanded a lot from us. I'm not gonna lie, they wore me out and drove me crazy, but now our kids are older we love having them!   Our kids love our pets too and I hope when they are older they will love dogs as much as we do!


Kelli said...

I know that you love your furry babies. This is a great post to show just that :)

Jillian said...

I love all your doggies!! They are so cute!!

Chrissi said...

what adorable pups you have!!! thanks for sharing :)