Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coming right up...

school, that is!

The kids got to meet their teachers today!  I am so excited about our new school year.  

Because we moved houses, but in the same town, the kids will be going to a different school this year than they did last year.  

Of course Hayden will, he is beginning kindergarten!  

Layla is excited about switching schools and starting 3rd grade in our new school.  I thought she was going to be nervous, but she seems so much better with changing schools than she was in November when we moved here.  I know they are both nervous, because they said so, but I think they will both do great.

The new school is very small.  I think we will love it.  Both kids teachers were very nice and we look forward to a fun year meeting new friends!

Miss priss pot got a back to school hair cut.  She needed a few layers and I think styling her hair will be much easier now.  At least I hope.  The tears shed over brushing her hair are many, and not just from her.  I cry too.

This afternoon we organized all our school supplies.  We got all our new clothes all set and ready to wear.  We are still planning to pick our clothes out at the beginning of the week instead of every morning.  I can't handle the stress of arguing about what to wear each day.  Remember when I posted about our clothing organization

 It really is such an exciting time of year.  This year we will experience fall here in Ohio and we will get to see the leaves change and fall to the ground.  It is such an adventure for us because everything is still so new to us Texas folks.  I have to say I am loving it.  I would've never thought our family would be so happy here in Ohio, but we are digging it!

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