Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Aquatic Center Adventure!

There is a fun little water park in our town and I didn't want the summer to end without taking the kids to visit!  I thought it would be more fun with friends, so I asked if anyone else could join us.  We decided on a day and then changed to another day due to rain.  It has been such a rainy summer.  

Yesterday we packed up our beach towels and headed to the Aquatic Center!  I was so excited about the fun day ahead with friends. 

We arrived and got all set up with chairs and we were ready to splash around.  I didn't know the kids had to take a swim test before they could go down the water slides.  This suddenly made me very nervous for Layla.  I knew Hayden wouldn't want to slide, so I wasn't worried about him.  Layla had to be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping.  I had a terrible mom moment and didn't think she could do it.  She proved me wrong.  So very wrong.  I was nervous and for no reason.  She jumped into the water and swam her heart out.  I was so proud!

We headed to the slides to watch everyone slide down!!  

I took my phone to the slides and took a few pictures of all the fun.

Sweet Molly!

Natalie :)

And Layla.

After all the slide fun Hayden wanted to go to the lazy river.  It looked so fun.  I left the group to take my phone back to our chairs.  On my way back to our friends I slammed my foot on a lounge chair and it hurt so so bad.  I thought "Oh how clumsy of me."  After taking a few steps I thought "What in the world, this hurts?"  It felt horrible.  I stopped and looked down and it was not a pretty sight.  

**STOP reading right here if you don't like feet.**

 (I don't like feet and don't think they should ever be photographed.) 

I'm about to post a picture of my deformed foot.  Yuck!

One of these things is not like the others. haha!

Natalie and I each took a picture to show her husband (he's a doctor) because we weren't sure if I needed to go to the emergency room for an ex-ray.  I've always known that you can't really do much for a broken toe, but this looked really nasty.  I couldn't imagine getting that deformed foot into a shoe.  After thinking and even texting our nurse friend Kara, Angie and Natalie decided to watch a You tube video on "how to fix a dislocated toe."  

We are sitting on our white lounge chairs and they are googling how to fix my toe.  It was a fun adventure.  I was in pain, but I couldn't stop laughing.  Picture me:  Laying on a lounge chair with a towel over my head and part of the towel in my mouth (i couldn't find a stick to bite on) and Erin and Natalie hugging me while Angie yanked my toe back into place.  We were definitely causing a scene at the Aquatic Center.  It was hilarious.  I am thankful for a really long line at the snack bar.  The kids didn't see a thing because they were standing in line for snacks!  

See how much better it looks!  My poor swollen little pinky toe. 

Who needs a hospital when you have Google?

We taped me up and headed to the lazy river!  I got myself and Hayden all ready to float the river and the lifeguards blew the whistle....everyone out of the pools due to thunder and lightening. 


What a fun first trip to the Aquatic Center huh?  It was definitely a day we all won't soon forget!  

I love my friends.  Feet are gross and these girls touched my broken toe.  That's true friendship y'all!  Oh how I wish I'd gotten a pedicure before all these pictures were taken.  haha!  Oh well, this is real life!

We left the Aquatic Center and headed to an early dinner.  I wasn't going to let my toe stop us from having a fun evening.  We had a fun night and even headed to another pool.  All us moms showed the kids how to jump off the diving board.  It was a day to remember!

Today the foot is feeling better, but it's black and blue. I won't make your eyes bleed by looking at another picture of my foot. ;)  I have a limp and stairs are a bit tricky.   I'm sad I may not be able to work out for a few days, but I'm thankful it isn't swelling and seems to be fine now. 

What a crazy but fun day!

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