Monday, May 6, 2013

puppy love

This little pup is not so little anymore.  She is a sweetie, but she is a piggy.  

When she isn't playing or running in the yard she is laying beside her food bowl.  

She wants to eat all day long. 

Lily is having surgery on Monday.  We adopted her from the animal shelter and part of our agreement was to have her spayed.  It is time for that procedure.  It makes me sad, but it is better than her having puppies.  Gary and I decided to go ahead and get it done before we move into our new house.

It took me sweet forever to get this picture of these two clowns.  
They were in treat heaven!  Oh how I love my fur babies.  

I hope they enjoy our big new yard as much as I think they will.  I can hardly wait to watch them run and jump and play.  I just know they will get some wonderful naps out on our covered patio!

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