Wednesday, May 15, 2013

strawberry days

The kids both had field trips to the local strawberry farm this week.

Good thing we like strawberries....we have tons of them since we got to pick fresh berries during the field trips.

Layla and her classmates learned how strawberries are planted.  They learned about keeping the berries alive in the winter months.  The trip was very educational and I enjoyed learning as much as the kids did!

Hayden's trip, the very next day, was very similar to Layla's.  The preschool classes didn't get quite as much detail as the 2nd graders, but they still learned a lot about berries!  We also got to see the farm's honey bees.  The bees are a huge part of having a wholesome crop.  

The farm also grows peaches, corn, broccoli, cauliflower and peas.  It was a fun few days for both kids!  Layla went first, so she made sure she told Hayden about certain things to look for on the hayride.  It was fun to hear the kids bond over their field trips!

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