Tuesday, May 28, 2013

about the move and the dogs

Moving is not a fun chore.  Moving while having a cold that your child passed to you and your husband is brutal.  Yuck.  I'm on the mend, but I was miserable!

Lily threw up in the middle of the night last night.  It was all watery foam. AND A ROCK.  Since moving a few days ago Lily eats everything in sight. Sticks, rocks, twigs.  You name it and she munches on it.  Sorry about talking about dog vomit, but I couldn't believe it.  She's a wild pooch.

We have been moving and organizing and un-packing for 4 days.  4 days and I still don't think I've put a dent in our stuff.  GAhhh!  Moving is not fun and when you are overwhelmed with 'stuff' you just wanna toss everything in sight.  Including your cheerleader pom poms from high school and all the pictures your parents passed down to you.  Unpacking even makes you want to throw away all the toys in the world.  Although I must say our kids don't have as many toys as we do "keepsakes."  But, what is it with me and blankets and comforters?  I moved to Ohio and felt like I would need lots of blankets.  I mean seriously....there are heaters here.  Yes, it is cold, but the heater works.  I'm saying goodbye to many many things over the next month or so.

Gary and I installed a PetSafe in-ground fence at our new house.  It rocks.  It took us several hours and about 12 bottles of beer, but together we did it.  He dug the small trench and I buried the wire.  I was on my hands and knees sticking that wire in the grass which explains about half of those beers.  I am sore, but it is soooo worth it.  Lily is loving the freedom.  Daisy doesn't like the collar at all.  She got a little close to the border one time and she didn't like the feeling of the collar, so she will barely get off the porch now.  I know she will be fine with time, but I wish she loved it as much as Lily.  We thought about getting the wireless system, but we are happy with the choice we made.  I'm hoping to devote an entire post to our PetSafe install!

This blog post is courtesy of At&t.  We haven't had access to internet since we moved until today.  I am so happy to be connected again.  I am sitting on my back porch watching the kids play.  I am so happy!  I'd be happier if I was all unpacked and this sinus mess was gone, but hey...that will all work itself out!!

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Traci said...

Glad to hear that y'all got moved. I know how aggravated you were at the other house.Hope you're feeling better.