Friday, December 23, 2016

Itchy and Red and Miserable

I try to keep things pretty positive around here, but our house has been turned upside down lately. Hayden's eczema is out of control.  As you know he has suffered with manageable eczema his whole life.  We hoped he would outgrow it like he outgrew most of his sinus issues and his asthma symptoms.  

Since we moved to Texas it seems like his eczema has gotten worse and worse. Yes, I know this is the allergy capital of the universe.  We visited the allergy doctor when we moved here so we could stay on his regular dose of Singulair and Zyrtec.  We know he's allergic to grass and mold and every tree known to man.  It's no secret we live in an older home, so that doesn't help.  Now the doctor tested him for foods and he's allergic to wheat and corn and peanuts and tomatoes and pork.  What in the world, did he eat pizza before his test?  It's almost like he's allergic to everything he was eating the day before testing.  Anyway, all that to say, we will conquer this.  We will help him get better, but goodness I'm so tired of seeing him hurting and itchy and red and dry. He is miserable.  He feels like he's the itchy kid at school.  He gets so ready and his skin flakes and peels.  I'm at my wits and when I say we have tried everything.....WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING.  We just left the doctor this morning with a plan. Let's hope we see results soon!

We are doing food elimination.  We are keeping him away from the dogs because suddenly he has a dog allergy he didn't have several years ago.  I'm washing and vacuuming his stuff every single day.  We have plans to purchase a new house in 2017. All that to say ... I'm turning it over to God.  I'm to the point where I have the same anxiety I had every night when the kids were newborn babies.  I remember every single night feeling so nervous wondering if they'd sleep or not.  I'd get sick to my stomach with worry about sleeping babies.  Now after Gary and I tuck the kids into bed I worry about HC's skin.  Am I doing everything I can do?  I research every single night.  Is he allergic to his lotion?  Is he allergic to cotton?  Geezzzzz.

We all need to eat healthier and we are now that we have had to make some changes in Hayden's diet.  No more processed foods, no more corn chips.  It isn't forever, but if it helps him we're doing it. 2017 will be the year we help get Hayden's skin under control.  I  know we will see him feeling better soon, but right now nothing is working and I am one stressed momma.  Any extra prayers you can send his way are very appreciated.  Boooo eczema.

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DUTA said...

It's so sad that medicine hasn't got the answer to a lot of conditions. We expect them to find a cure to cancer when they can't even find a cure to flu, itching or ..baldness.
I believe in praying to God. It helps.