Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am so ready for....

cloudy overcast days


cooking without heating the house



candy corns

playing in the backyard without being in the water


cool camping nights

windows open with a breeze


the need for a throw or blanket on the couch

jumping on the trampoline

sitting on the patio with a cold beer


What are some of your favorite things about fall??


S.Greiner said...

I totally agree with the candy corn...but I like to add a few peanuts...tastes just like a payday!

Great list and this morning it was below 70 when we woke up so I was super excited...fall is not too far away!!!

Kelli W said...

I wanted to make chili the other day but it just seemed crazy to make it when it was almost 100 degrees outside:) I can't wait for cool mornings where I don't sweat as soon as I open the door to head outside!

Perfectly Jenn said...

I'm incredibly ready for the fall too! Although I have an ulterior motive because I'm getting married in the fall which is what I've always wanted.
Hope you're having a great day Angie!

Katie said...

Yes please! To almost all of them! I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm ready for football (maybe some LSU tickets this year have to do with that!) I'm totally ready for jeans, blankets, cooler weather, oh if we could get rain too that'd be fantastic!

Ashley said...

Cannot wait for football season!!

Bron said...

You covered them all! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall! It sounds extra great with this ridiculous Texas heat!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

u are my twin. btw bought my first bag of candy corn at walgreens yesterday haha

Ashley said...

I have to agree with all of those. Mainly cloudy overcast days because I'm SO over this thick, nasty heat!

shortmama said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! I want all of those things too...including the Cowboys football!

Kelli said...

I can't wait. I love summer with the loose schedule and the pool, but I adore:

Open windows
Football, with snacks of course
Apple cider
Apple picking
The smell of fireplaces
My birthday
Cool evening walks


Traci said...

My birthday & anniversary are in the fall! I love Saturdays when we can open the windows & watch college football while snacking & having drinks. We're going to Dallas Labor Day weekend for the LSU/Oregon game. Although, I don't think that counts as fall.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I am SO ready for football too!! And the cooler weather ;)

Anonymous said...


L said...

Yes to everything, especially football and boots! :) Funny, I was just recently thinking its been awhile since I've seen jeans in my laundry, definitely know its summer!