Tuesday, August 2, 2011

fried eggs ??

So ... what did you do on August 1st??  Us, oh...we tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

The heat has clearly gone to our heads.  The kids were WAY too excited about the possibility of cooking an egg on the hot sidewalk.  Look at their silly faces.  They are so sweet.

Hayden threw his egg down pretty hard.  
I was cracking up!  Get it?? har har!

So yea, the eggs just sat there.  They didn't fry, not that we really expected them to, but it was fun to see the kids get so excited about something so silly.  And since a dozen eggs are 49 cents at our grocery store we didn't feel so bad wasting a few.  We left 2 eggs out on the counter top for several hours and then splatted them on the side walk for a little bit.  Nothing happened,  and the kids were bored in 2.5 seconds so I washed the eggs away.  Like I said ... the heat is making us goofy!

Today if we make it to 100 degrees we will have had 32 consecutive 100 degree days. 
 That's HOT y'all!

Happy Tuesday!


Traci said...

I feel for y'all. Yesterday, our heat index was 109 & it was AWFUL!!! I can't imagine what it must be like for y'all.

Kelli said...

That is way too hot! I love how the forecast says hot like you don't know that over 100 is hot...lol. My friend tried this too and it didn't work. Please stay cool! Are you using your mister water bottles?

Elaine said...

Haha, I love that you tried that! It is just as hot and humid down here-ugh! I just read your last post and I have a Trailblazer too and LOVE it. We've been talking about a bigger vehicle (suburban), but since mine is 8 years old and only has 85000 miles on it we've decided that as long as it is running good, we'll keep it. No payments is great and since I enjoy my TB that is just fine with me:) Hope yall stay somewhat cool! Fortunately, my parents have a pool under lots of oak trees and it is shaded in the afternoon. It makes for tolerable temps even in the summer..plus, the water is always refreshing since it doesn't get extreme sun. Ok, enough babbling!

Amber said...

How cute are they?! I'm a little surprised they didn't fry. I feel like I'm frying when I walk outside!

Kelli W said...

I really thought it was going to work! I wonder if it would work on black top instead of concrete?!? They looks so excited...I'm glad they weren't disappointed! It has been really hot here too, but not quite as crazy as 109!

L said...

That is too funny! Its the little things their excited over huh!? When I was younger we would try breaking eggs open in our fists, we NEVER got it, it even hurt to try to squeeze them that hard but I've seen it done so I guess it is possible, just probably much easier for a grown man and not young kids like we were, hah!

Hope you guys stay cool! Your forecast makes me second guess my complaints of our 90 degree days ;)