Thursday, August 25, 2011

rocks, holes and a rainbow

This morning I was outside with my boys.  Hayden misses playing outside, so we usually play in the early mornings before it gets blazing hot.  This morning we were blessed with cloudy overcast skies, and many towns around us got rain.  We weren't so lucky.  If you look closely at the picture above you can see the rainbow above our neighbors house.  It was so pretty and Hayden loved seeing it!

I know I have said it before, but our yard is so dry and burned.  We are about to have city wide enforced water restrictions too.  I'm good with it, but I just worry about all the wildlife. It makes me sad because I know they are so thirsty.

I have been working with Hayden this week on wearing big boy underwear.  He hasn't been wearing them because he can't get them down fast enough when he has to potty, but the transition has gone great!  I just didn't want him to go to preschool without underwear. You know?!? Thankfully he is loving wearing them and loves picking them out.  He has Toy Story, Cars, and Monster underwear.  I thought he'd have more 'pulling down pants' accidents but so far so good!

Can you tell from the pictures I took this morning his clothes don't match AT ALL?  He picks them out all by himself and puts them on, so I can't complain. In fact he won't let me help him.  He is Mr. Independent.  One day he will look back and ask me why I dressed him this way.  haha!

Hayden is still really into push toys.  He loves to push Layla's lawn mower and his TowMater bubble maker.  Unfortunately, he can't push them for long.  Bogey pesters him.  He bites the tires of anything we are pushing.  As he is biting the tires he makes this horrible yipping sound.  It drives us all NUTS.   He bites Gary's lawn mower when he mows and bites the vacuum cleaner.  I'm pretty sure he gets yelled at more than any dog on the planet.

My house is like a 3 ring circus.  I'm not even joking.

Everywhere Hayden is, Bogey is right behind him. 

He is the 

In the above picture Hayden is telling on Bogey.  Not only is our back yard dry ... Bogey digs holes. 
This is the deepest hole yet, and it is filled with small rocks.  

Doesn't he look proud of his accomplishment??

This is a big giant hole of dry soil and hard rocks.

I just know he is thinking, Oh don't mind me y'all...I'm just gonna lay here and chew on this here rock...

See his lip all puffed out?  Yep, there is a rock in his mouth.

How much flavor does a rock really have?

And he just barked with the rock in his mouth.

The rock fell out....see it?

Seriously!  I am so thankful my family is entertaining.  

One thing is for certain, I laugh a lot and I am generally never bored.

The rainbow changed as I sat and watched the circus act going on around me.  
It is much brighter in this last is a great reminder that God is taking care of us.  He is in control!  I  know he will send a nice soaking rain soon to soak our drought ridden land.  

Come on fall weather!


Kelli said...

I really want y'all to get some rain (I know not as much as you would like y'all to get some rain). Maybe if I draw out my Southern accent our rain will head down there? I can't believe Bogey and that rock...eeww!

Katie said...

Your yard still looks a million times better than ours still. We've been on water restriction all summer long. The only green we have is weeds. I don't have the time or patience to hand water so I gave up on it a while ago.

Hattie said...

Love all these pics, a boy & his dog!!! I was soooooooooo happy this morning when we got rain. Is it bad that I'm secretly wishing for a hurricane?! Ha! Hope y'all get some soon, God knows we all needs some.

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

We had thunder and no rain. Such a tease. Love ur dog. Way to go about big boy pants. Lily is a stubborn mule. She'll be 10 and still loving her dipes