Monday, August 8, 2011

Ear drama

As a kid I don't think I ever had an ear infection.  Like never.  I consider our little family of four lucky.  Neither Layla nor Hayden had an ear infection as babies.  Layla had her first ever moderate ear infection last year when she had what the doctor said was strep throat.  Gary has had swimmers ear a few times and that is it in the ear department in our house.

Until me.

When Layla was 3 months old I had a sinus infection and with the sinus infection I got an ear infection.  It was my first ever ear infection and it was wild.  I thought it was sinus related so I chose an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor in the same hospital Layla was born in three months prior.

I arrived at the doctor a new mommy mess.  Layla was 3 months old and it was my first time to leave her.  I left her with her father, but I was still a wreck.  I was all kinds of emotional due to hormones.  The doctor took one look at me and sent me to the audiologist for a hearing test.

After the hearing test he noticed I had some hearing loss.  He sat me down and said, "There is a possibility you could have a benign tumor in your brain or on your inner ear."

Really dude?

Why would you freak a young woman out like that??  I was a wreck.  I was sobbing when I called Gary.

Gary had an established relationship with an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor a few cities away, so he called them and made me an appointment for a immediate second opinion.

Thank the Lord for my husband.  When I got there his doctor {who preformed a sinus surgery for Gary a year prior} was super nice.  I told him what the other doctor said and he laughed.  He quickly prescribed me medications and asked me to take them for the prescribed time and return after for another hearing test.

When I returned 14 days later the hearing test was perfect.

I clearly have seen a change in my sinuses since having children because after I had Hayden I also got a yucky sinus/ear infection.  It was cured with prescription drugs as well.  And right now I am in the midst of my third ever ear infection.  I suffer from allergies now and I didn't before children.  Having those babies sure does change a woman's body, you know?

If you follow me on twitter you know that I have been fighting this particular ear infection for about 2 months.  I don't have a sinus infection this go around.  I just have an odd clicking and staticy sound in my ear.  It is beyond annoying and I am pretty sure my family is about to go bonkers from my constant complaining.  Loud sounds are amplified, I am constantly trying to "pop" my ear.  I yawn on purpose.  I have been avoiding the water because I was told I had swimmers ear at the beginning of the summer.  I have had prescription ear drops, a super strong shot in the hip, and a few rounds of oral antibiotics.  I am beyond irritated and just want to feel better.

And because all those years ago a quack doctor told me I may have a benign tumor that horrible thought crosses my mind.  Those words echo in my head.  I worry about that now because this ear infection has lingered longer than any other.

After visiting with my primary care physician we decided I need to see a specialist.  I called a few Ear/Nose /Throat doctors in my area and they are so busy.  The earliest appointment I could get was August 17th.  I accepted that date and settled in for the long, irritating & painful wait.

This morning I was so frustrated and in tears, and I knew I couldn't wait.  I almost passed out in Wal-Mart on Friday (which is a whole other blog post) and my ear seemed to be the reason.  Today I called and begged to get an earlier appointment and they said,"Yes, come right now!"  Yeah!!

I literally dropped everything and Gary thankfully was able to watch the kids.  I drove as fast as I could to the doctors office in hopes of a miracle cure on the spot.  I was desperate for relief.

I love the doctor I saw.  She was amazing and listened to my whole story, even the brain tumor part.  She honestly thinks I have a severe infection and my ear isn't draining the fluid properly.  She prescribed me more drugs and even though I am not happy about taking them...I will do exactly what she says.

I am scheduled to have a hearing test in a few weeks.  Even if the medication clears the infection the doctor wants me to take a hearing test .  I didn't realize that a hearing test can tell so much more than if I can hear or not.  The hearing test can tell her so much about the anatomy of my ear and why I have had ear infections that don't clear easily.  If the medications DON'T clear my ear then the doctor will order an MRI.

If you made it to the end of the post you are a total ROCK STAR.  Thanks for listening and reading.  I am super positive I will get relief soon.  I took my first round of the new medicine and they make me feel  disgusting.  Dizzy and yucky.  Blah.  BUT isn't it supposed to get worse before it gets better??

Bless all you Momma's who's kiddos have ear infections.  I know what those babies feel like.  It is misery.

I refuse to be a Debbie downer.  I'm trying my best to stay positive. Now you know WAY more than you ever wanted to know about my ear ache ;)

Have you had an ear infection as an adult?


Traci said...

I've always been prone to sinus & ear infections. I suggest taking the meds with a meal. That seems to work for me. They still may make you feel bad but it may help. Good luck!

Hester 5 said...

Glad you are on the mend...or so we hope!! Both of my little ones have had to have tubes. Their ears were anatomically just not right. :(

Ashley said...

My goodness! That sounds so painful! Hope they get it figured out and you feel better!

Lacey said...

A few months ago I woke up with a double ear infection and just cried and cried in pain. I don't know how babies do it!! I also don't know how you do it - by 2 months in, I would have retreated to my room. I hope you get answers soon. Praying for ya!!

Hilary said...

Bless your heart!!! Ear infections hurt....I hope you get to feeling better too!! I love your blog too :)

Kelli said...

You poor thing...that is just awful. I hope you get some relief soon. Until then you are permitted to eat as many enchiladas as you'd like :) And Oreos!

Kelli W said...

Poor Angie! I hope your ear clears up soon! I had swimmers ear once as an adult and it was miserable! I totally get why babies scream all night with ear infections.

Red Stethoscope said...

I didn't have an ear infection, but earlier this year, I had moderate hearing loss for about 2-3 months. I was really concerned and started doing my medical school stalker reading, which led me to believe that I had perforated my eardrum and was leaking cerebrospinal fluid FROM MY BRAIN. (Hint: I was not.) Basically, the doctor made me keep taking Zyrtec-D, because like you, my evil sinuses were to blame. Moral of the story: No infection, no brain leakage, just really bad eustacian tube blockage can cause hearing loss. Hope you feel better soon!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, Angie!! I just read this. SO happy you have a good doctor that is taking care of you! I hope you are feeling better now!

Lauren said...

Oh girl... Do you know my ear history??? I can totally write you a book!!!!! Hope you're feeling better!!!!!