Tuesday, August 16, 2011

all about Layla

I've had the best time being with the kids all summer long.  I love hanging out with my kiddos and they always make me laugh.   I don't want to forget all the things they are doing right now!

To recap our summer, I am doing a post for each kid this week just for the scrapbook. 

Layla can take a shower and wash her own hair and has been known to ask for privacy.  I am so proud of her for showering alone.  It is so big in my opinion.  Of course we do peek in on her to ensure she is scrubbing good and getting the shampoo out of her hair.

She is a great big sister.  She and Hayden have been known to play peacefully for hours on end.  This makes me so happy for several reasons.  1.) They are being nice to each other.  2.) I can get a million things done when they are playing.  It is so nice!!

Layla loves candy.

I am having a hard time realizing Layla is 6.  I see pictures of her and hear the big girl conversations we have, but to me she will always be my little baby.  I think I  need to accept that she is growing up!

Some of her favorite TV shows are iCarly, Victorious, and Shake it Up.  IMO...these are shows for older kids. This stresses me out, but we talk about them a lot.  I know I can't shelter her, so if she has questions about situations on TV we always explain our view.

I lay with Layla in bed and we talk every.single.night.  I love this mommy/daughter time.

Layla can read and writes all the time!  She loves to make lists for me.

She loves to have her friends come over to play, and has been to several sleepovers this summer.

We recently moved her room around and reorganized it and she loves it even more.  I strongly believe in making a kids room 'their own'.  She is loving adding her touches to her special place.

Layla loves to be busy.  She can't just sit around she always has to be doing something.

She is like a mermaid because she loves to swim. (her words)  At the beginning of summer she was very cautious around the water and now she is like a fish!

Layla weighs 42 lbs and is 3 feet 9 inches tall.  She has tiny feet and wears a size 11 in girls shoes.  She wears some size 6's but mostly 7-8's in clothes. She loves dresses, but we finally got her to wear shorts.  I couldn't believe it!!!  I took tons of pictures the day she wore shorts out in public for the first time.  Haha!

Layla loves to eat right now.  My kids go through stages and right now she asks to eat all the time!!  Her favorite thing is macaroni and cheese.  She also loves pizza!

She loves to play Wii.  A few of her favs are Super Mario Bros., Just Dance, and Wii sports.

Layla is super cute with her short hair, but is very excited to grow it out again.  She misses her pony tails!

Layla loves Bogey but wants a puppy of her own because Hayden and Bogey are best buds.  She really wants an itty bitty puppy in the near future.  She is hoping she can dress it up.  She loves to dress up her stuffed animals.

Her favorite movies right now are Yogi Bear and Peter Pan.

Layla is getting ready for first grade and a very busy school year.  She will be playing soccer and doing gymnastics.  She is also hoping for some fall camping trips!

Layla's bedtime is between 7:30 - 8:00.  She usually sleeps until around 7:30am.  Her sleep schedule may change soon though because school is starting and class starts at 7:45am. 

Her daddy says she is the sweetest, funniest and most athletic girl ever!
I agree with her daddy :)

I'll have an update on Hayden this week too.

Have a great Tuesday! 


Love from Texas said...

What a sweet post. She's such doll! I'm having a hard time realizing Knox will be old enough for 4K next year. I always consider myself to have "babies" but in no time at all I know he'll be off to school... It really does go by so fast.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I LOVE this post! It makes me so excited for the future with my little girl!!

Also, huge fan of her playing some soccer. You get her to stick with that!! ;)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

you sound like you have the greatest girl in the world! doing good raising her momma...i wish my kids would play nice together. ur lucky