Saturday, March 8, 2008

6.5 inches of SNOW!!!

It started snowing here in Haslet around 11:30am on Thursday morning. It snowed soooo much we thought it would never stop! It was amazing...we loved it. I think it snowed until around 4:00pm. It was a great treat!!Layla kept saying she couldn't was too deep. Mommy and Layla
Daddy and LaylaCallaway & Harley
The snow made the puppies hyper, they had to bunny hop around the yard...cute!

Hudson came over to help with the many snowmen...Layla built 3 total. She really enjoyed building them and using Mr. PotatoHead pieces for props.

I am so glad Layla got to make a real snow angel. She loves to lay on the carpet and do carpet angels...this time she could really see results!Backyard shot!
Warming up after a great afternoon of snow play.

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Hollie said...

Fun snow pics!! We had a LITTLE bit of snow, but it was gone pretty quickly... and it didn't get us out of school!