Monday, June 23, 2008

With 4 weeks to go everything is still the same. I had another appointment this morning and it was uneventful. I am having an very routine pregnancy....which is wonderful...I can't complain about that, I am just ready to meet my son. I finally took the time to register at the hospital. It was very exciting. The hospital is brand spankin'new and is a women's is so nice!

Prayers for my comfort would be greatly appreciated. I am terribly uncomfortable all the time! I am trying to do the mind over matter thing, but it is not working so well. I am aching here and cramping there....AGHH my poor family....I know they are tired of hearing about my issues. I'm quite sure they are ready to have "Angie" back....I know I am. Layla told Gary the other day "I can't eat another bite...BeBe Cole is in my tummy and I have no more room!!" She has a baby in her tummy also, and I guess she gets just as full as I do at mealtimes!! Silly girl!

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