Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can you believe it?

Our little man is six months old today!
Hayden is a busy munchkin. He is almost sitting up by himself. He loves to drink out of a sippy cup, and really loves eating solid foods. His favorite food is sweet potatoes and turkey. He babbles all the time. He LOVES his big sister. He watches her in amazement as she sing and dances around the house. They are big buddies; I hope it stays that way. Tomorrow we have a doctor appointment for his 6 month check-up...Mmmmm I wonder how much he weighs. My arm is sore from lugging him around :)

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The Zander Zoo said...

Wow! 6 months old already! How fun. Sorry to hear he has been sick. Hope he gets to feeling better real soon! He is a cutie! Little Layla looks like she is having fun at her gymnastics! I remember Tori doing that when she was little! My how time goes by fast! Enjoy it!