Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day of tests

If I ever wanted to stick my head in the would have been the day. Wow, I am so thankful that both of my sweet children are asleep in their beds. Good grief....Aghhhh.

Layla decided to pick today to see how many times she could talk back and smart off to me. sweet little princess tested every bit of patients that I have, and if you know me you know that isn't much. She was so busy playing in the playroom this afternoon that she forgot she had to pee pee. By the time she remembered she was letting in all out. I was in such shock....really!?!? on the carpet. I started yelling "please...if your gonna pee at least get on the tile." Gross...really gross to clean up a 3 1/2 year olds pee pee. It was like a river. Nasty, wet hiney and gown! (yes, gown...we stayed in our pj's all day long) So, she got in the bathtub, and then Hayden got a bath. He'd been crying and growling all day and needed a good scrubbing also. After his bath I took him to his room and set him on the floor to put on his diaper. Yep you guessed it...he too peed on the carpet. He couldn't be out done by sister.

I was so tired at this point....I just needed a drink of water. I spilled it...on the tile....I didn't break the glass. Layla couldn't stop laughing. Geez... These things always happen while Gary is working late. Go figure!

Grey's and Private Practice are gonna be great tonight...I need to relax :)

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CD said...

Awww, poor Mama! I would have needed more than water. :) Don't tell me what happened on Grey's I did not get to watch it due to basketball recording on the DVR. Have to watch it online. Hope today is better.