Sunday, February 9, 2014

it's a month long winter wonderland

We ventured out to go the grocery store yesterday and the roads were pretty terrible.  

It started snowing in the morning and snowed for hours and hours.  It's been snowing so much this past month.  I have to admit it's so very pretty! My favorite description of it all is .... a snowglobe!

  I'm sure all these inches will delay school for tomorrow.  This will make the children happy because Gary is off tomorrow and they can play with him all day long!  I'll be waiting by the phone to see if the robot call comes through declaring a two hour delay or a full day cancellation. 

I am so thankful all this weather is happening this year and not last year.  Can you imagine how freaked out I'd be if this was my first winter in Ohio, coming from Texas?  I'd want to run back to Texas!!!  Mother nature broke me in easy last year!  I'm loving the change in climate here in Ohio!

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