Monday, April 24, 2017

failing to plan is planning to fail

The days of being a stay at home mom for me are over.  I'm loving working.  It is so rewarding and I really love my job.  I do feel like I have to stay on top of my household chores during weekend.

Every single Sunday we prep our food for the week.   We boil 20 eggs so that Gary and I each get 2 eggs every morning for breakfast.  We shred our beloved butter lettuce for salads.  I'm addicted to pepperjack cheese wedges and I eat them with celery, so I wash, clean and chop celery sticks.  We are loving the spring strawberries, so we clean and slice strawberries and put them into snack size bags for easy snacks at work.  The kids eat cantelope for breakfast.  All that stuff gets done on Sunday for the week.

My goodness it is hard work to work and keep up a household, but thankfully Gary is amazing. (and I only say that b/c I was a SAHM for 11 years) We share chores and since he is home every night for dinner we share cooking meals too.  Thankfully the kids put away all their own laundry and I try to do a load every other day.  They pack their own school lunches.  I can't imagine doing everything all by myself every single day.  I did that before I worked because it was my full time job.  I also know that I have to make the kiddos do their own chores. The are old enough and we are trying to make them independent so they can go off to college and not be in shock.  I'm hoping I rub off on them and  they learn a thing or two about planning!

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DUTA said...

You're a very well organized family. Kudos to you! I like it that you eat eggs for breakfast. The egg protein is of a very good quality and has health benefits.